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Wednesday, April 4th (Baby back ribs day, baby!)

10:00AM Lab Meeting
1 plain bagel (290 calories), 2 tbsp of herbed cream cheese (100 calories), 1 cup of orange pineapple banana juice (8 oz., 130 calories). There were some other yummy looking items like baklava and peeps and yogurt, but I wasn't hungry enough to eat more than a bagel. So my lab is predominantly filled with Asian postdocs, and whoever is giving a talk at the lab meeting brings in the food for everyone. Today my lab boss was like wow, only here would you get an Indian person bringing in passover and Easter foods for a lab full of Chinese and Japanese people. Haha.

3:00PM Stata Center
1 strawberry Special K bar (90 calories). Small snack so that I don't get ravenous before dinner.

7:00PM Baker Dorm Dining
Ribs ribs ribs!!!! 1/2 rack of bbq baby back ribs (6 ribs, ~700 calories, 1 cup of broccoli (50 calories). Mmmm these were divine. Baker makes them dry rub style, and then tops it off with sauce when it's being served. I'd love to know what spices are in the dry rub, because they go together so well, and the ribs come out perfectly moist without being too fatty nor too dry. I actually like these baby back ribs better than the oh so well known Chili's baby back ribs, which I once tried and found to be way too charred and therefore dry. There were so fantastic, they induced a food coma shortly afterwards, so I took a nice long nap :)

Total for today was 1360 calories. Not bad, considering how bad the ribs are for you :P Yum!


Sunday, April 1st

3:30PM Dorm Room
1.3 cups of drunken noodles (300 calories). Done with all my Thai food! It's a good thing there's no more, because the drunken noodles today were a bit chewier than I would have liked them, probably because they've been in the fridge for a few days now.

7:15PM Baker Dorm Dining (Yay!)
Roasted maple pork loin with orange marmalade glaze (8 oz pork loin, ~450 calories), 3/4 cup of corn (125 calories), and 1.5 cups of broccoli (80 calories). Wow I sure missed Baker dining's fresh food. Their roasted pork today was really tender, pretty much melted in your mouth. I especially enjoyed the maple and cinnamon crust on the outer surface, which the light orange glaze complemented quite well. I was lucky enough to be there right when they were cutting the end piece of the loin, so I got that piece, which has the most maple flavoring of all! Mmmm :) And it feels good to be eating lots of vegetables again. (The pictures look better when they're bigger, don't you think?)

1:40AM Dorm Room
Salmon salad on 5 bagel crisps (185 calories). Small handful of milk chocolate chips (~15 chips, 40 calories).

Total for today is 1180.

Wednesday, March 28th

9:00AM Dorm Room – Getting Ready for a Morning Practice MCAT
1 packet of Chinese instant breakfast, prepared with hot water and a sprinkling of brown sugar on top (~200 calories?). I'd forgotten that I still have some packets of this stuff, which I bought 2 years ago at my dad's suggestion for a breakfast option. I was getting sick of eating oatmeal all the time, and this was a really nice alternative. It doesn't have much texture to it, so I suppose it's similar to cream of wheat, but the flavor is not nearly as bland. It's called 桂花莲藕白合糊 "gui hua lian ou bai he hu", which is a compound term that literally means sweet osmanthus, lotus, and lily in a creamy soup (sorry, I read a poor translation from somewhere, so what I thought was laurel is actually osmanthus). I used to love a certain type of breakfast soup that my mom would make, using crystallized osmanthus flower sugar and water chestnut powder, which was so incredibly fragrant and delicious that I still have really fond memories of it. Unfortunately osmanthus sugar is really hard to come by, and a small jar of it costs a pretty penny, so I haven't really gotten a chance to eat it again. This instant breakfast comes sort of close in terms of flavor, and it sure has a nifty ingredients list: lotus root powder, Job's Tears (coixseed), lily, lotus seed, Chinese yam, tuckahoe, gorgon fruit, brown rice, sugar, grape sugar, and fresh sweet osmanthus flower. Haha, oatmeal doesn't even compare.

12:30PM Dorm Room – Lunch Break
1.5 cups of white rice (300 calories), 6 oz. lobster sauce leftovers (210 calories). Yeah… I told you this lobster sauce business lasted a long time didn't I. It's almost done though haha there's enough left for one more meal.

6:00PM Starbucks
Tall Tazo chai tea latte with nonfat milk (170 calories). I was in Central Square and didn't have anything to do for an hour before my friend's Korean meatfest dinner, so I took up a space in Starbucks and did some MCAT studying. The latte style Tazo chai is a lot better than the regular chai I had a few years ago from Starbucks, which was more watery and stronger in flavor. I enjoyed it more mellowed out with the milk. I was surprised, however, to find my tongue tingling after a few sips of this latte, and it was a pretty strong tingling that lasted throughout the entire drink. Must have been the spices in the chai.

8:00PM Minyoung's Apartment – Korean Meatfest
1.5 cups of white rice (300 calories), and lots of korean style meat haha.

I'm terrible and didn't remember to take any pictures, but one dish was bulgogi, which had a steak type of meat (thinly cut and marinated), sauteed in a red Korean chili sauce that was mildly spicy, along with some onions and mushrooms (my best guess is that 1/2 lb of bulgogi, which is 8 oz, is about 450 calories).

The other dish was samgyeopsal, which are lettuce wraps with thin pieces pork bacon, all wrapped up with some sauteed garlic, sesame oil, and some sort of sweet/spicy Korean red paste (ssamjang?). Mmmm yummy! I usually don't like spicy food, but tonight's dishes were just mildly spicy enough that it wasn't overwhemling. Can't figure out the nutritional value of the lettuce wraps, nor do I have an inkling of exactly how much I ate of it, but suffice to say that it was not low-cal fare haha.

I also had a small glass of red wine (4 oz, 84 calories), half a glass of white grape juice (6 oz, 120 calories), a little bit of skim milk (4 oz, 40 calories), and 5 soggy Entemann's donut holes (275 calories, damnit Tony!). Boy the calories from the drinks really add up. I think I should try to stick with water in the future haha.

Definitely went over the daily allowance today, probably by a good deal, since everything I ate, not including the meat dishes, came out to be about 1700. Man. But I made an exception for the little get-together, to see people I haven't seen in a while, and to eat free food of course.

Tuesday, March 27th

12:30PM Dorm Room
Leftover 1/2 of tilapia almondine entree (from last Thursday… ~390 calories). I figured I'd eat it so it didn't go to waste. The funny thing was, I actually really enjoyed it as a little variety from the takeout lately.

9:30PM Dorm Room
Leftover Chinese takeout from yesterday: 2 cups of white rice (350 calories), 5 oz. lobster sauce (175 calories), 6 oz. sesame chicken (350 calories). It was tasty, but I'm ingesting too much sodium from it, since I get really thirsty afterwards.

Not too much to talk about today, and no new pictures, sorry! Tomorrow I'm going to a friend's house for a Korean meatfest, so that ought to be a fun change of pace. In any case, I'm planning to go to bed early tonight and wake up early tomorrow, so that should be it for today's intake… totaling about 1275 calories. The dinner was late, so I shouldn't get hungry again before I sleep, whew.

Monday, March 26th

3:30PM Dorm Room – Leftovers for a Late Lunch (I need stop waking up so late)
3/4 cup of leftover Rice-a-roni (230 calories), 1.25 oz. canned tuna (40 calories), 1 oreo (50 calories). Rice-a-roni tastes pretty bad as leftovers (even when you make it on a stove at home). For some reason the moisture evaporates and leaves the rice seeming undercooked. I was also kind of sick of the rice flavor by this afternoon, and I ended up giving a good deal of my portion to Greg haha. Having oreos around is kind of being detrimental to my eating habits, because when it's there I just want to have some, especially after a meal of salty stuff. Ack.

6:45PM Dorm Room – Early Dinner / Snack
Remaining 1/2 of the chicken salad sandwich from yesterday (220 calories). I think Greg and I are going to order out again for dinner (sigh, wish we had more options). Maybe we'll get Chinese today. Anyway, the 1/2 sandwich is for keeping me from starving to death until we order lol.

8:20PM Dorm Room – Quan's Kitchen Takeout
White rice (2 cups, 400 calories), 5 oz. lobster sauce (175 calories), 6 oz. sesame chicken (350 calories). Yum. I haven't had Quan's lobster sauce in a long time. It's a thick sauce with ground pork, eggs, and Chinese black beans in it, plus lots of corn starch and some soy sauce for flavoring and consistency. Very cheap (1 quart costs $6.50, and lasts more or less 6 meals if you are eating by yourself), but you are mostly eating sauce anyway lol. We were originally going to order Quan's grilled lemongrass chicken, which is very fragrant. But they had run out of it, so I had to make a spur of the moment decision to switch to sesame chicken, which is really different. In the end though, the two entrees balanced each other out quite well, since the lobster sauce is salty, and the sesame chicken is sweet. In the picture, the lobster sauce is piled on the rice on the left, and the sesame chicken, adorned with sesame seeds, is on the right.

4:30AM Dorm Room
5 oreos (250 calories), 1 Viactiv vitamin. Ugh, I blame it on my stress from studying for MCATs. Took a practice exam today and didn't do spendidly. With the test coming up in less than 2 weeks I really don't have time to not be doing well anymore… Well, I guess being up late again doesn't help, since I get hungry late at night. Blah. No oreos for me tomorrow. Seriously. I would totally just throw it out altogether if it wasn't for the fact that my boyfriend would complain. Man…

Total for today is about 1715. Really cutting it too close. This whole business of having no access to healthy food and being stressed out at the same time is doing wonders for me.

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