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Wednesday, April 11th

10:00AM Lab Meeting
1 plain bagel from Au Bon Pain, 2 tbsp of whipped cream cheese, 2 oz. smoked salmon. 4 oz of Trader Joe's orange juice. Yum, I love breakfast at lab meetings. Someone brought in a peach tart too, which looked really nice, but I was pretty full after the bagel so I passed on it.

6:45PM Baker Dining
1 chicken quesadilla with roasted peppers, onions, and three cheese blend. Baker makes fantastic chicken quesadillas. The peppers and onions make the quesadilla more moist, with yummy variety in each bite. Great comfort food.

11:00PM Dorm Room
1 freshly baked chocolate chip cookie and 1 brownie, from Shuo and Theresa Liu (they came to visit and give out food). Haha the baked good were very tasty, but probably not good for you :P I ate them while we were all chatting outside my room, sometimes you just have to sacrifice a little for socializing heh.


Monday, April 9th

9:30AM Dorm Room – Getting ready for lab
1 strawberry Special K bar (90 calories). Tired this morning…

1:30PM Whitehead – Lab kitchen/lounge
1/2 of leftover turkey and roast beef wrap from last night (~420 calories). The lady who served it last night cut it up really funny. She made the wrap into a rectangle, and then instead of cutting it in half along the short width, she cut it up along the longest possible diagonal. I have no idea how I was supposed to eat it like that. I didn't want to make a fool out of myself in front of my labmates, so I ate it with a fork and knife during lunch. And I still managed to look silly because my plastic fork snapped in half while I was eating, so I had to grip the prong part of the fork for the rest of the lunch. Fun!

6:30PM Baker Dorm Dining
1 chili cheese dog (~500 calories), 1/2 cup of sweet potato fries (~3 oz, 360 calories). Wow haha not the healthiest choice possible :P But very yummy indeed. I only ate half of the entree, so I still have a whole chili dog plus fries leftover for god knows when haha. I was expecting them to throw cheese sauce and chili on top of the hot dogs, but instead they cut up some slices of cheddar cheese and laid them on top, and then ladled the chili on the side. That didn't look to spectacular, so I dumped the chili on top afterwards hehe. The sweet potato fries at Baker are amazing. I almost never eat their regular fries, because whenever I'm getting something with fries as a side I usually ask for the sweet potato ones. They're sweet (duh) and they go really well with ketchup and a salty entree/grill item. Sorry the picture of the chili dogs is not great. They're not very attractive once you put the chili on top, and I bet you can barely make out the actual hotdog on the right side. Just trust me :)

4:30AM Dorm Room
1/2 of leftover chili dog (250 calories). I got really hungry late at night, I forgot that I should be eating snacks or something to prevent late night hunger pangs. It sure was a tasty snack though :P

Total for today is 1620. Okay, let's do better tomorrow heh.

Sunday, March 18th

12:15PM Boyfriend's Room, Studying MCAT
Handful of cashews again (20 nuts, 150 calories). I'm sleepy…

3:30PM Boyfriend's Room
Quan's Kitchen leftovers from yesterday (beef with tomato and eggs, 3 pieces of bean curd with shrimp, 1 cup of rice: ~600 calories). Ate some eggshell pieces by accident (really unpleasant), I guess they were in the beef with tomato and egg dish. The bean curd pieces were firmer today, I liked that, although my boyfriend said he liked them better when they were softer. Oh well, to each his own.

8:00PM Simmons Dining Hall
Chicken fajita entree (6 oz. chicken cooked fajita style with peppers and onions, on 2 small tortilla wraps with no condiments, ~ 450 calories), and 1.5 cups of cauliflower (45 calories). Let's just say that Simmons has always had bad food and today was absolutely an example. The chicken in the fajitas were dry and flavorless. They tasted more like beans than chicken. And the caulifower was the most disgusting looking side I have ever seen. They were kind of brownish on the edges as if they were burned in the boiling process or had sat out for too long. Overall, worst meal I've had in a long time. At least it was healthy, ugh.

3:00AM Dorm Room, Taking a Break After MCAT Practice Test
1/2 of grapefruit that I saved from a few days ago (40 calories). Tried to clean out my fridge in the process, ended up throwing out a lot of yogurt smoothies that expired back in December (scary), and some old carrots and scallions. Don't ask, it's all pretty random. Anyway, back to the grapefruit. I usually like to sprinkle a little bit of sugar on top to offset the tartness (just a tiny bit of sugar, maybe like 1/4 of a teaspoon), and today I was feeling adventurous, so I wanted to try sprinkling cinnamon on top for a change. But no, after turning the room upside down, I still couldn't find the cinnamon I though I had. So I had to settle for plain ol' cane sugar. Maybe one day I will buy some cinnamon and let you know how it is. Apparently cinnamon is really good for your health, and also a natural sweetener, so having it around could be a healthy addition to one's diet.

I sort of came close to the 1200 calorie minimum today (I totaled 1285), which probably explains why I'm pretty hungry. Though, it's always hard to guage, especially when you are eating ethnic cuisine or foods prepared by other people, since you just have no clear estimate of the nutritional value. I feel like it is probably easier to underestimate, so I usually try to give myself some room on top in case I actually ate more than I thought I did. Anyway, this week is going to be super stressful for me, since I have a really hard exam, as well as a bunch of things piling up to be done right before spring break. Hopefully I won't eat too unhealthy.

Thursday, March 15th

11:00AM Molecular Biology Lecture
Leftover baked chicken broccoli and ziti from yesterday, plus the green beans (270 calories). The ziti tasted alright, though a little bland (it was also bland yesterday, but I somehow managed to overlook that). Unfortunately, eating the green beans was like eating thick rope. I guess microwaving them somehow makes them really tough. Yeah that was pretty gross.

4:30PM Whitehead Chili Contest
1 cup of various chili recipes (250 calories), 2 tbsp sour cream (50 calories), 1 oz. shredded cheddar (80 calories). Mmm! I got to try 7 different homemade chilis, as well as the one made by Whitehead's cafeteria. Some of them were really good! I think there was only one chili that I really disliked, because it tasted mushroomy and medicine-y. I voted for entry #6, I think I'll know tomorrow if he won or not. I really like chili in general. It's hearty, savory, and has a little kick. I especially like to eat it topped with cheese and slightly cooked onions. Very filling too. My favorite chili that I've ever tried is the turkey chili that Baker makes. It's a bit sweeter than regular chili, and I generally like my foods to be a little bit sweet. I think this stems from the Shanghainese cuisine I grew up with, which is known for its unique use of sugar to balance salt. Sometimes when I cook with other people, they are baffled by the fact that I add sugar to the dishes. It's a little secret of Shanghainese cooking that many people don't understand :)

8:00PM Baker Dorm Dining
1 baked scrod filet (250 calories), 1 cup mixed vegetables (50 calories), 1.5 cups confetti rice (300 calories). Baker usually makes their rice too dry and chewy. Today was no exception, unfortunately. But the fish was very good, moist and soft, contrasting nicely with the crunchy crumb topping. I think it was tilapia, but I can't be sure.

8:45PM Dorm Room
The last 1/4 of my chocolate mousse torte leftovers haha (~ 100 calories).

2:45AM Dorm Room, Studying MCATs
1 pear (100 calories) + 1 Viactiv vitamin. Something to help me stay awake while I study late at night.

Total for today is 1450 calories. Numberwise it's good, but I think I need to space out the food a little more evenly. Didn't have a whole lot of stuff to eat after dinner at 8, so I was feeling kind of hungry during the night, yet I didn't want to eat too much because I already consumed enough earlier in the day. Anyway, tomorrow is free lunch at Whitehead again! Hope they have something tasty :)

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