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Sunday, April 22nd

2:00PM Dorm Room
Leftover pollo alla fiorentina.

7:45PM Longhorn Steakhouse
This was a steak dinner that I owed my boyfriend from like last month. He was so giddy all day, waiting to get some tasty prime rib haha. We started off with some freshly baked honey wheat bread. It comes on a cutting board (I think they were going for the rustic feel), and it's pretty good with butter.

I ordered one of their appetizers to eat for my meal. They're called firecracker chicken wraps, which are crispy flour tortillas with spicy chicken and cheese wrapped inside. They look like little finger-sized spring rolls, and they come on a bed of lettuce and tomatoes. My boyfriend always makes fun of me when I get it because I eat the lettuce and tomatoes, which are supposed to be garnish for the appetizer hehe. But hey it's a refreshing side! This appetizer is actually pretty filling if you eat it by yourself. It comes with a lime-avocado dipping sauce. This is one of my favorites from Longhorn. I don't like too many of their other dishes, aside from their prime rib, baby back ribs, and their Texas T'onion.

My boyfriend got the 12 oz. prime rib he was anticipating all day. With a side of mashed potatoes, and a Caesar salad. It's good stuff, I've gotten it a few times, though I prefer their baked sweet potato for a side. I'm not too fond of steak in general though, prime rib is an exception because it is much more tender than regular grilled steaks. Haha hey check out the pool of butter sitting in Greg's mashed potatoes :P

And finally, we shared our favorite dessert from Longhorn. It's called the ultimate brownie sundae. It has pieces of warm Ghirardelli brownies with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. A very indulgent but satisfying dessert. I purposely got the appetizer for my meal to make sure I had room leftover for the sundae :) Mmmmm! I haven't had this since last spring, when we came to Longhorn for my birthday. And what do you know, it's the day before my birthday, so it's been exactly one year!

That was a delicious dinner! And what a beautiful day it was outside. I love how spring arrives each year just around the time of my birthday. It is also exactly when magnolias start to bloom on the trees. I saw some today. I will take a picture sometime. I always associate them with my birthday. Finally, here's a picture of Greg and I, to wrap up the entry :)


Saturday, April 21st

11:20AM Dorm Room
1 red delicious apple. I had a meeting to go to in Harvard Square at noon, so I was in a rush and ate an apple for “breakfast”. It wasn’t bad, except it takes me a long time to eat apples. I don’t know why haha. Sometimes apples even make my mouth and throat tingle, kind of like a fruit allergy. I heard you can get that if there are certain types of fruit you don’t eat often. Yup…

2:30PM Dorm Room
Back from meeting. I ate my leftover pad thai with roast pork that I brought back from the galleria yesterday.

7:45PM Baker Spring Formal
Baker spring formal isn’t really a formal… it’s more of a semi-formal event where people dress up a little and enjoy a catered meal with free champagne and wine in our decorated dining hall. This year I went with my friend and we got a chance to catch up, which was nice. The food was mostly Italian. I had 3 medium sized meatballs (I know, isn’t that random? It didn’t have pasta to go with it), and 3 chicken wings. Some random bites of mixed greens. One white chocolate with macadamia nuts cookie. One glass of Chardonay champagne. The entree part was pretty weird huh. Just meatballs and chicken wings. The only other option was baked manicotti, which I despise. Shells stuffed with ricotta cheese and bathed in marinara sauce really just isn’t my thing. Oh well, even though the food wasn’t that exciting, it was free at least, and I had fun hanging out with my friend Vicki.



Sunday, April 15th

1:30PM Greg's Room
1 bagel with cream cheese and smoked salmon (the one that I got at the brunch yesterday but saved for today). I had to microwave the bagel even though it had cream cheese on it (a fridge-cold bagel just isn't my thing), but I got smart and separated out the salmon so it wouldn't get "cooked". When I put it all back together, I had a toasty warm bagel with cold salmon, just the way it was meant to be. Mmm. (Sorry my picture is icky, I totally forgot until I was done eating, so I took a picture of the last few bites my boyfriend had left haha and even then it came out bad because the lighting was poor).

6:30PM Greg's Room
Bits of leftover stuff in Greg's fridge… which consisted of 1/8 of a ham & brie panini from Pacific Java, and 1/3 of a slice of vanilla bean cheesecake. Haha I'm big on eating leftovers to conserve food and money. It was quite good actually, since they're not MY leftovers, so to me it was a brand new meal experience! :P

9:30PM Greg's Room
Leftover beef stroganoff entree that I got from Baker dining on um… Wednesday. I know, I know, it's like ancient now, but I didn't want it to go waste! There wasn't a whole lot of food left from it, but it wasn't bad for being nearly 5 days old…

12:00AM Greg's Room
1 叉烧包 (cha shao bao, a.k.a roast pork bun) from Chinatown, and a few sips of a mug of hot chocolate that I made for Greg. Haha all day has been leftovers and more leftovers! Nibbles of random things here and there, what a weird day. Oh well, at least I didn't have to go through the trouble of ordering out.

Thursday, April 12th

11:00AM Molecular Biology Lecture
1/2 entree of beef stroganoff that I bought from Baker dining last night (beef stroganoff on egg noodles, with mixed steamed vegetables on side). I wonder what the other classmates in class think whenever I bring in something from dining for lunch the next day haha. Everyone else is eating sandwiches, muffins, cereal bars, and the boxes of sushi that our school sells. I come in and open my tupperware with beef stroganoff, grilled salmon, stir fry, champagne chicken haha. I love it! :P

8:00PM Baker Dining
Tokyo beef entree (beef marinated in Asian sauce and grilled, served with caramelized onions and napa cabbage in a pita wrap). The beef was actually really savory. It didn't taste beefy like steak or sauteed beef in stir fry. The marinade gave it a really distinctive flavor, and it was served with a sauce that tasted like teriyaki and hoisin sauce. Mmmm.

12:00AM Dorm Room
1 Russell Stover coconut cream egg covered with milk chocolate. Haha leftover Easter candy on sale is so hard to resist. Thank god I only bought 2 of these egg things total.

Monday, April 9th

9:30AM Dorm Room – Getting ready for lab
1 strawberry Special K bar (90 calories). Tired this morning…

1:30PM Whitehead – Lab kitchen/lounge
1/2 of leftover turkey and roast beef wrap from last night (~420 calories). The lady who served it last night cut it up really funny. She made the wrap into a rectangle, and then instead of cutting it in half along the short width, she cut it up along the longest possible diagonal. I have no idea how I was supposed to eat it like that. I didn't want to make a fool out of myself in front of my labmates, so I ate it with a fork and knife during lunch. And I still managed to look silly because my plastic fork snapped in half while I was eating, so I had to grip the prong part of the fork for the rest of the lunch. Fun!

6:30PM Baker Dorm Dining
1 chili cheese dog (~500 calories), 1/2 cup of sweet potato fries (~3 oz, 360 calories). Wow haha not the healthiest choice possible :P But very yummy indeed. I only ate half of the entree, so I still have a whole chili dog plus fries leftover for god knows when haha. I was expecting them to throw cheese sauce and chili on top of the hot dogs, but instead they cut up some slices of cheddar cheese and laid them on top, and then ladled the chili on the side. That didn't look to spectacular, so I dumped the chili on top afterwards hehe. The sweet potato fries at Baker are amazing. I almost never eat their regular fries, because whenever I'm getting something with fries as a side I usually ask for the sweet potato ones. They're sweet (duh) and they go really well with ketchup and a salty entree/grill item. Sorry the picture of the chili dogs is not great. They're not very attractive once you put the chili on top, and I bet you can barely make out the actual hotdog on the right side. Just trust me :)

4:30AM Dorm Room
1/2 of leftover chili dog (250 calories). I got really hungry late at night, I forgot that I should be eating snacks or something to prevent late night hunger pangs. It sure was a tasty snack though :P

Total for today is 1620. Okay, let's do better tomorrow heh.

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