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Sunday, May 6th

2:45PM Baker BBQ Pits
1 hamburger with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, ketchup, and mustard. Small handful of Lay's bbq flavored chips. 1 cup of coke. Yay for getting free bbq the day after senior ball! You know I would have been too tired to do anything else.

It was such a beautiful day out, and the Walk for Hunger was happening along the Charles River next to my dorm. Such nice weather for a bbq. We meant to take a picture against the background of the river, but it somehow didn't come out right. Ah well, still a lovely spring day.

3:30PM Dorm Room
My boyfriend has been eyeing my Russell Stover chocolate egg for a long time now (I bought it last month right after Easter weekend when the candy was on sale), so we agreed to split it as a little snack. It's basically a small brownie covered with milk chocolate and shaped into a flat egg. It wasn't bad, but it was not quite as good as a piece of regular chocolate nor was it as good as a freshly baked brownie square.

7:30PM Simmons Dining
1 piece of broiled salmon (5 oz), steamed broccoli, and a tiny bit of mashed potatoes. The salmon was actually quite good, since the broiling helped seal in a lot of the juices of the salmon. I generally find grilled salmon to be too dry and I'm not fond of charred bits. The lacking aspect was flavor. The salmon filet had not been marinated, and was not brushed with any sauces during the broiling, so while it was "clean" seafood, it was a bit bland. I got a little bit of honey Dijon mustard to go with it, but Simmons makes such a poor honey Dijon it's funny. It basically tasted like honey. Which obviously didn't go well with the fish. The broccoli was also kind of gross (why won't I ever learn with Simmons dining?), and the mashed potatoes were terribly dry and powdery, hence why I left most of it untouched.

I also got a smoothie that was made with strawberries, blackberries, mango, yogurt, and orange juice. Unfortunately, Simmons botched it again and it was really bad. In fact it started separating really fast while I was still waiting to carry the drink back out of the dining area, and the juice part tasted watered down and sour. Bad! I ditched that smoothie after drinking maybe 1/4 of it. What a waste of time and money.

12:45AM Pacific Java Cafe at Simmons
Devil's food mini-bundt cake covered with chocolate and Heath bar candy pieces. This is literally a small piece of heaven. Pacific Java microwaves it for you to melt the chocolate and heat up the cake, which makes it even more dreamy. It reminds me of molten chocolate cake, except the melted chocolate is on the outside. The Heath bar pieces also give it a really nice toffee flavor and candy crunch. Seriously delicious and indulgent…


Tuesday, May 1st

Happy May! I can't believe summer is just around the corner, I feel like spring has barely settled in. Today my boyfriend had a special coat and tie dinner event for one of his classes in order to thank the class sponsors (they paid for the class equipment, it was a big deal). In anticipation, I knew I had to eat light for lunch so that I could compensate for the unavoidable pitfalls during the dinner. It was supposed to be worth $80 a person, so there was no way that I was going to go and not eat anything haha.

11:30AM Molecular Biology Lecture
Salad from Baker dining that I made last night. Consisting of: blanched broccoli, raw spinach, carrots, onions, corn, romaine lettuce, scallions, cucumbers, jumbo cherry tomatoes, egg whites from 2 hard-boiled eggs, topped with about 3 oz. of baby shrimp sauteed with garlic, lemon juice, and seasonings, all drizzled with 1/2 tbsp of fat free Italian dressing and 1/2 tbsp of fat free tomato basil dressing. The volume of the salad came to about 3 cups or so, which is a ton of vegetables lol. I was sitting there crunching away (probably quite loudly) for about 40 minutes or so, trying to eat my lunch. I had to get used to the taste of the dressing, which was a little bit nauseating at first. Let's just say that combining Italian and tomato basil is not a good idea for reasons that I'll leave out since this is a food diary and I don't want to gross you all out. The vegetables themselves were not bad though, and I felt pretty satisfied afterwards. My favorite item was the blanched corn, which added a touch of sweetness to the veggies. The shrimp were also delicious, with just the right amount of lemony-garlic flavor to perk up the salad.

Salad eaten with 1/2 bottle of water (8.5 oz).

6:30PM MIT Faculty Club (Alfred P. Sloan Building) – Cocktail Hour
Cocktail hour to start off my boyfriend's dinner party. Admittedly I didn't hold back (I had a bowl of vegetables for lunch, I was starving!), so for appetizers I grabbed a few grapes, a couple florets of raw broccoli, a slice of cantaloupe, 5 small baguette slices, and 3 crackers, with buttermilk herb dip and roasted garlic spread on the side. So good! The herb dip and roasted garlic were heavenly when paired together and eaten with the baguette rounds. My boyfriend had to practically stop me so I wouldn't get full on them before dinner haha. Probably also has something to do with me cutting carbs out of my diet for the past few days, my body knows what it wants! Since it was cocktail hour after all, I also had a glass of white wine on the side. It was subtle and a little bit sweet, which went well with the appetizers.

After looking at the menu from the faculty club catering page, this is what the appetizer spread consisted of in total:

Rustic Tuscan:
An Artfully Displayed Assortment of Imported Cheeses
Gourmet Crackers and Rustic Breads
Fresh Sliced Seasonal Fruit and Berries
A Bounty of Crisp Baby Vegetables with Buttermilk Herb and Blue Cheese Dips
Citrus Roasted Country Olives
Eggplant Caponata and Roasted Garlic Spread
Farmhouse Style Chutney and Whole Grain Mustard

Random interjection b/c I dunno where else to put it: this is me being vain in my room prior to the dinner: (I like dressing up for events)

7:15PM Three Course Dinner
The MIT faculty club is actually a rather nice spot on the top floor of the MIT Sloan building. It has large windows that overlook the Charles River, with a beautiful view of the Boston skyline. Since the sun was setting when we sat down for dinner, it was particularly soothing to watch the light blue sky fade to a dark blue. Our table settings were very formal, with multiple forks, knives, and dessert utensils all set out before us, as well as multiple glasses for water, wine, and coffee. On a small plate in front of us sat a dainty pat of butter in the shape of a flower (they call this a butter rosette on their menu). Aside from the fact that the tables were a little bit crowded (10 people to a table), the presentation was pretty nice. I sat directly facing a window, so I was able to look out at the city skyline all night.

The first course was salad, which was a plate of mixed greens with a few grape tomatoes, tossed in a light vinaigrette. On top of the salad sat a single toast point with a layer of sweetened cheese spread piped on top. I think the toast with cheese was my favorite part of the salad. It had been baked in an oven, so the toast was warm and crispy, while the cheese was lightly browned on top. My boyfriend commented that it tasted like a danish, but I thought it was much better. Mind you, it wasn't ooey gooey cheese like cheddar or mozzarella. It was more like a grainy cheese spread, a combination between cream cheese and ricotta. From the menu, this was salad with "Warm Goat Cheese Crostini and Orange Sherry Vinaigrette Dressing"

The servers poured wine for us, and I requested a red wine, which I thought would go better with the steak than a white wine. Unfortunately the red wine was very acidic, and didn't complement anything I was eating, so I left it alone for the rest of the night.

Then came the bread basket full of "Artisan rolls", which was passed around the table. I picked a dark brown looking square loaf just to give it a try. To my disappointment it was pumpernickel, which I really dislike. (We did a lab in my chem lab class that involved purifying caraway essential oil. The strong flavor of pumpernickel comes from the use of caraway seeds, therefore I was thoroughly sick of that smell by the end of that lab.)

Next the entree. Greg and I both opted for the steak entree instead of the pasta one. I'm glad I chose the steak, as the pasta dish was a big mound of rich and heavy pasta primavera in a thick cream sauce. The steak entree came as a 12 oz. sirloin, cooked medium rare, on a pool of gravy. It came with a small side of mashed potatoes piped to look like whipped cream (the volume was about the size of a scoop of ice cream), and 4 sticks of asparagus wrapped with a piece of carrot, next to a random piece of roasted red pepper. The presentation was pretty nice, and the flavor of the steak was quite good too. I normally dislike steaks because I don't like the excessive chewiness of grilled beef. However, since this sirloin was grilled medium rare, with a gravy sauce, I actually enjoyed it. The texture was easy to chew on, and the sauce gave the steak a richer flavor, not just that of meat. I think it was a mushroom based sauce, at least it tasted that way. The mashed potatoes were extremely good, because they were very buttery and creamy. Everyone at the table had commented on how decadent the mashed potatoes were. The vegetables were good, albeit sparse. I would have preferred more vegetables on the side for variety. On the menu this is called "Grilled Black Angus New York Sirloin of Beef with Forest Mushroom Ragout, Asparagus Bundle, and Dutchase Potato". So I was right on the mushroom sauce :)

Finally, after our entrees, came a most delicious dessert, their "Classic Apple Tart". Apple tart with a mini-scoop of vanilla bean ice cream, drizzled with caramel sauce. The apple tart was amazing. It had a buttery crust that was topped with beautifully laid out slices of apple. The fact that the apple was baked on top of the tart meant that it didn't turn into a pool of mush like it does in regular apple pie, and they must have used something other than granny smith apples since they weren't tart at all. The richness of the tart was balanced perfectly by the refreshing little bit of ice cream. My only qualm was that there were no dessert drinks (milk, coffee, or tea) offered to us until after we had finished our desserts. I could have gone for some milk to go with the tart instead of just ice water. Still, the tart was such a guilty pleasure, and I loved every minute of it haha.

Ah… what a satisfying dinner. And it was all for free, thanks to my boyfriend taking that class of his lol. But now I gotta get off my ass tonight and work out some more to burn some of this splurge-fest off. Bummer! Here I am, probably on a sugar high from the dessert, after the dinner was over: (I'm standing in front of a map of MIT on campus lol)

11:00PM Dorm Room
1.5 bottles of water (25.5 oz).

1:00AM Baker Gym
30 minutes on the elliptical, 10 minutes stretching, 15 minutes lifting weights (they're easier to lift today, yay!) Don't ask me why I'm always working out at such late hours. I do everything late at night, it seems.

Saturday, April 28th

11:00AM Dorm Room
1/2 entree of spaghetti and meat sauce (1 cup spaghetti pasta, 1/3 cup tomato meat sauce, parmesan cheese sprinkled on top), 1/2 cup of zucchini. I bought this entree from Baker dining last night since I knew I had to eat an early lunch today. I was going to volunteer for a whole afternoon at a hepatitis B and liver cancer run/walk here in Boston, called LIVERight. The spaghetti was pretty good, although the meat part of the meat sauce I thought was a bit too chunky, like chopped up meatballs. I would have preferred good old ground beef. The flavor wasn't bad though. But I was in a rush anyway so it didn't matter to me.

2:00PM LIVERight Run/walk at Artesani Park
1 Asian pear and 1 sample-sized Promax protein bar (cookies 'n cream flavored). Volunteered are allowed to eat the free food provided for the runners, so I grabbed a snack to eat while the runners were doing their thing. It was a beautiful day for a run, the only downside was that there were puddles at the park from yesterday's rain, so it was wet and muddy on the grass. Luckily the run took place on pavement.

The Promax protein bar sample was actually pretty good, I thought. It's not really cookies and cream flavored, more like chocolate flavored, with chocolate cookie bits mixed in, and covered with a white yogurt coating. Still, I liked it quite a bit. Granted, I don't have that much experience with protein bars, so I can't really say that it's the best brand ever, but from the ones I have tried, including Zone and Luna, I thought Promax had the best taste and texture. Sure, all protein bars will be a bit powdery and have some aftertaste, but this one had minimal aftertaste, and the powdery texture was offset by the crunchy cookie bits. The chocolate flavor also helped mask any unpleasantness. All in all, a fun bar to eat. I grabbed like 25 of these mini-bars (about 1/4 of the size of a real protein bar) after the event was over, since we had tons of leftovers. They'll be good for breakfast, lunch, and snacking. I also brought back some apples, oranges, and bananas. Yay for free fruit!

5:00PM Dorm Room
1 Promax mini-bar. Tired after a long 5 hours at LIVERight.

12:00AM Dorm Room – Late Dinner
Dumplings (6 regular sized ones and about 20 tiny ones… approx 11 regular sized in all). Yeah, didn't have anything else to eat in my room and I didn't feel like ordering out, so I boiled the last batch of dumplings I had in my freezer. I kind of had to mix and match haha.

Friday, April 27th

11:15AM Lab Lounge
10 oz of Odwalla Soymilk Chai (leftover from yesterday's bottle that I bought). It's a busy lab day today, so I had practically no time to eat anything all day.

4:00PM Lab Lounge
1 Bosc pear. Hungry!!!

7:30PM Baker Dining
1 Sunset sandwich (1 egg, 1 sausage patty, slice of cheddar cheese on a bun). Baker used to serve breakfast at dinnertime each night. For some reason they stopped doing it recently, but one of the menu items that they used to have was called the Sunrise sandwich, which was like what I ate except it had 2 sausage patties, and 2 eggs (damn!). The Sunset today was good though, pretty much hit the spot after a day of practically fasting. Unfortunately the grill guy overcooked my egg, since I prefer mine to have a runny yolk, but I guess overcooking it made it less messy to eat. I skipped the home fries side, and opted to grab a side salad instead that I'm saving for another time.

Also shared the remaining leftover duck soup (from Monday's peking duck meal) with my boyfriend. Mmmm so delicious! This last quart of soup was mostly pieces of duck skeleton, since when they packed it up they poured most of the soup into the first quart. But there was still some soup and it was still as tasty as ever. Lots of vermicelli, tofu, and napa strewn about in the soup too. Divine!

1:00AM Dorm Room
A few malted milk balls that I mooched off of my boyfriend. I love these things, I used to really like those "Whoppers" brand malted milk balls when I was little.

5:30AM Dorm Room
2 small slices of leftover watermelon from yesterday's BBQ.

Thursday, April 26th

12:00PM Building 4 Cafe
1 box of salmon cucumber sushi (12 half-sized pieces), 6 oz. of Odwalla Soymilk Chai… soooo tasty! You all know that I love Chai anything, but it tastes great combined with soymilk, especially since it hides the strong soymilk flavor. Plus, I usually get a small allergic reaction to soymilk, puffy lips and itchy throat type of thing, but today I was just fine. Yum. I saved the rest of it in the fridge at lab, so I'll be having it tomorrow for breakfast or something.

6:00PM Baker Courtyard – Annual Piano Drop Event with BBQ
2 hot dogs (no buns), 1 bbq chicken breast (4 oz), few bites of pasta salad and potato salad, half a boiled corn on the cob, 1 piece of watermelon, 1 chocolate cookie, 1/2 piece of brownie. The bbq was pretty good, a nice change of pace from the regular dining, and also all-you-can-eat, though I didn't have room left for seconds of the barbecued items. I liked the bbq chicken breast the best, since it had a nice bbq sauce on top that was a good blend of sweet and sour. The chicken was also not too overcooked, which was pleasant. Pasta and potato salads were so-so, but provided a little variety from the meat. The watermelon was refreshing, though I wish I hadn't eaten the cookie and brownie half :/ The bbq foods (especially the hot dogs) were so salty that it left me craving sweets to balance the taste. Afterwards, I brought back a couple more slices of watermelon for a snack later on. I'm excited that watermelon season is almost upon us. It's my favorite summer fruit!

Oh and not to be forgotten, was the actual event that I attended. Baker dorm has an annual event called the "Piano Drop", in which an old piano is thrown off of the roof of Baker dorm, onto the courtyard below, as a tribute to our "drop date", which is the last day that you can drop a class during a semester. That day happens to be today. It's a pretty big event for us, the Boston news crew come to cover the event, complete with a helicopter lol, and there are police to make sure everything is safe. I've gone every year to see the piano drop, but this is the first year that I've stood close enough to see the piano fall and shatter to bits before my eyes. It was a lot of fun! Here are action shots of the actual piano dropping and smashing into an old arcade machine (photos shot by another Baker resident):

Piano drop 1Piano drop 2Piano drop 3Piano drop 4Piano drop 5Piano drop 6

Personally I think it's pretty awesome that they are able to place the game machine exactly in the spot that the piano falls on. Imagine how disappointing it would have been if the piano missed the machine haha.

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