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My name is Lucy, and this blog is a chronicle of my not-so-secret affair with food. By day I’m a mid-20-something medical resident who works at a hospital in New England, not far from where I originally grew up. By night (and weekend), I’m a wannabe domestic goddess who indulges in baking and cooking as two of my favorite hobbies. I think if I was to wake up one day and find myself no longer going into medicine, I would happily spend the rest of my life learning to create food that delights the senses and perfecting the art of decorating. If ever there was a passion in my life, it would be for food.

Memories. I remember my first successful baking endeavor in middle school, an almond sugar cookie recipe from a Taste of Home magazine (still one of those food mags that has the best comfort food recipes you’ll find). I remember one day finally figuring out that baking with melted margarine does not give you the same result as using softened butter, and feeling on top of the world. I remember my first foray into improvised cooking when I tried to make spaghetti with broccoli, pre-cooked chicken breast, and “alfredo sauce” using milk, cottage cheese, and butter. These memories are so precious to me, and they paint the details that were so much a part of the process towards being where I am today. Though this blog originally began as a mere food diary to track what I was eating, I slowly found myself becoming more and more inspired to make my own food. And with making food came the desire to share with others, not only the food itself but the story of how and why. These stories, along with the photographs I spend great time and care capturing, comprise the memories that this blog holds. I hope that you will find my memories as delicious as they were when I first experienced them, and perhaps even as inspiration for your own adventures in baking and cooking!

Style. As you’ll quickly see, My Edible Memories comprises of food from various cuisines around the world. However, as I was born in Shanghai, China and grew up eating my mother’s homecooked Chinese cuisine, there is quite a bit of Asian influence in the types of food that I like to eat and create. Furthermore, Chinese cuisine is the type in which the cooking almost never requires a very specific recipe, but rather an eye for approximation and a willingness to taste for the right combination of flavors. I hope to learn many authentic Chinese dishes from my family that I can continue to pass on even though we no longer live in China. I also particularly enjoy French cuisine, both in terms of the cooking and the baking. I think French desserts are simply amazing, and when I have the opportunity I would love to go to France and try them, then learn to make them myself. Two things on my list of desserts to conquer? French macarons and big buttery croissants, mmm.

Motto. As you may have noticed in the upper right hand corner, the motto of this blog is “See one, eat one, make one.” It’s inspired by a common motto in the field of medicine regarding how to learn to do procedures, which is “see one, do one, teach one”. As simple as it sounds, the truth of the matter is that the best way to learn a technique is to see it done, try it yourself, and cement that knowledge by showing others how it is done. I adapted this motto for myself regarding the culinary arts, which is to see a dish, taste it for yourself, and then to try and recreate that experience. Though my blog strives to also go a step farther and “teach one”, I think much of the personal reward comes from seeing and trying a dish and trying to make it yourself. After all, as I’ve put it pretty plainly, everything does taste better homemade! The point in creating food is to adapt a recipe to your own ideas and level of comfort, and so the teaching is a much less rigid concept than you would think. I encourage you to do your own research and explore multiple recipes to form your own style and experiment with variations!

Photography. As much as my words make up the meat of this blog, I’ve always felt that it is the food photography that really makes a food blog shine. It’s the same reason that a recipe book just doesn’t seem as appealing when there are no pictures. We’re just visual creatures when it comes to experiencing food, just by looking at it we can evoke the memories of tasting it, or even imagine what it would taste like. My food photography is still a work in progress, but it is a skill that I’ve also really enjoyed learning about in the past several years. I started my food blog with an oldschool Nikon Coolpix 3000 (that my parents gave me in 2003!) I finally upgraded to my current camera, a Canon A720, which is still a point & shoot camera, in the summer of 2008. Image stabilization is my best friend! All the photographs since then have been taken with that camera. When I finally have an income, I would love to invest in a nice DSLR so that I can capture my food with that beautiful touch that sets a DSLR apart from a point & shoot.

Posts. Though it has proven difficult to find time for baking and cooking in between the time I spend in the hospital and studying at night, especially since I also live in a dorm with a communal kitchen, I still try to sneak in experiments with new recipes, and slowly get around to making posts about all these adventures as time permits. I have many recipes that I’ve tried but have not had time to write about, and many more recipes bookmarked that I can’t wait to try and tell you about! Thus, you may find that the rate of updates at My Edible Memories can be a bit sporadic, but I hope you’ll continue to check back for new posts! Also, please excuse the organization of the categories and tags as I have yet to sit down and organize all the posts with the proper categories since my move to WordPress this year. But I promise, it will happen eventually :)

The technical stuff… There may be some confusion about the origin of this blog as there are links on Google that index entries originally posted on Vox, and now hosted on Typepad. I first started My Edible Memories in 2007 on Vox (another blogging service). After several years I finally decided that I would move my blog here to WordPress, so since May of 2010 I have been blogging here on WordPress. A copy of all my old entries that were originally made on Vox was imported here and the original entries remained on Vox as well, so that my old readers would not be completely cut off (technical jargon: I was not able to figure out 301 redirects). As it turns out, not long after I moved to WordPress, Vox announced it was closing. It allowed me to move those old posts to Typepad, so all my old Vox links now automatically redirect to Typepad, where a post then informs the readers that the blog has moved to WordPress. What does all that mess mean for you? Well it has been a bit of an internet mire trying to figure out how to keep my readers and traffic directed here instead of towards my old entry locations. Google itself does not recognize that My Edible Memories has moved here, and I have no way to tell it to redirect my previous readers here since I use the free WordPress.com service. So try not to be too confused when you come across old entries that talk about Vox and google searches that pull up links to Vox that then goes to Typepad. If anyone is savvy enough to tell me how I can get this situation fixed so that I can preserve my old Google traffic and get rid of the duplicate version of my old entries without losing my readers, I would love to hear from you!

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4 responses to “About

  • instantpot

    Hello, intriguing content, beautiful blog.
    Do you happen to write this book “20 Chinese Recipes for Instant Pot Pressure Cooker”?

  • Fae's Twist & Tango

    Hi Dr. Lucy, You have a blog I need to come back and explore more. I am going to try a few of your recipes I have already seen. Are you still a resident or graduated from that final stage already? I am quite impressed that you are able to make time to blog. Lucky us! I wish you all the success in your real career. Looking forward to seeing more! Fae. :)
    P.S. Have you been to Shanghai lately? I was there less than two years ago, and it is quite a city to see/experience!

    • Lucy

      Hi Fae! Thanks for checking out my blog! I am just starting out as a resident so it’ll be a few years yet before I’m done :) I’m hoping to find enough time to keep up the blogging, but I am definitely continuing to cook and bake plenty – I’ve got a backlog of things I want to blog about! I was actually last in Shanghai at the end of 2010, about the same time as you probably! It’s a beautiful place and there’s still so much I want to see and do there. Luckily I have lots of family there so it’s easy to visit Shanghai. I hope I can find time to travel even during residency!

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