The cutest apron!

Thank goodness I’m finally done with my board exam, I can finally write again :) For a while now I’ve been meaning to write about these really cute aprons that I saw. I had the website bookmarked and then it slipped my mind, until recently I was cleaning out my bookmarks and saw it again. The company is called Flirty Aprons, and they have a whole assortment of various styles that range from sweet and classy to sassy. I fell in love with this pink floral apron:

"Chic pink" apron

So pretty! I love how it looks like a summer dress instead of a boring or frumpy apron, especially with that lovely bow (I am a sucker for bows on dresses and clothes, such a sweet feminine touch!) One thing I absolutely cannot pull off is looking nice while working in the kitchen. I know, I can’t believe I just admitted that. But it’s true… I’m always worried that I’ll spill something or get flour on my clothes, so I head into the kitchen with my t-shirts that I don’t particularly care about. A cute little apron like this would make me feel so much more like one of those kitchen goddesses on the Food Network that are always making food and still dressed like they’re ready to entertain guests! Now all I need is my own kitchen to sashay around in… so this apron is definitely going on my wishlist for when I get my own apartment :)

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