Panko encrusted tilapia

See? I'm making good on my promise that I would be cooking! Tonight's dinner was an easy panko encrusted tilapia with garlic sauteed green beans on the side. My boyfriend bought these pre-breaded, pre-brined frozen tilapia filets from Costco. They're breaded with panko crumbs, which is similar to bread crumbs but lighter and more airy. The marinade used to brine the fish gave the filets a light lemon-pepper flavor which really made the usually mild tilapia taste quite flavorful. All we had to do was give the filets a little thaw, and then pan-fried them until they were cooked through and the crust was a beautiful crunchy golden brown. I sauteed some green beans on the side with pre-minced garlic (which is a great time-saver), and it was ready to serve! Simple and fast, take that Rachel Ray! :P

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