And now, we return to winter

Boston's been getting a whole lot of snow lately. Apparently we have already gotten more snow this winter than all of last winter!! (and it's only mid December…) It's pretty crazy getting around, but I love the soft fluffy snow we're getting this year. Being inside and staring out at the peacefully falling curtains of flakes is really very relaxing. And it's perfect weather for a mug of steaming hot chocolate. It's funny leaving Boston when it was still transitioning from the last bits of autumn into winter, and then returning a few days later to be in the thick of two back-to-back storms, and now another one in less than a week. There's just something so comforting about snowstorms for me, I think because I grew up with them and whenever it snowed it always meant lots of fun outside for me, until my nose became raw and red and my mittens were soggy. I sure miss those days.

Anyway, this morning I walked outside to head to work, and in the thick of the storm, I saw a small herd of geese trying to sleep on the snow. It broke my heart a little, just imagining how cold and uncomfortable they must be. We have a lot of geese on campus, because we are situated right next to a river and we have lots of fields for them to graze on. I always thought that maybe they would migrate south for the winters, but it seems like a lot of them never do. It must be tough trying to survive a winter like this when you can't even find the ground beneath you. Such a juxtaposition to the ducks in the fountain at Stanford… poor geese!

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