Ziti with meatballs in tomato sauce

When your significant other makes you an entire meal for dinner without you knowing ahead of time, the food tastes a lot like love. I was having a terribly busy night, trying to finish and submit a homework assignment that I had been working on for 9 hours straight during that day (not including the countless hours I worked on it on previous days). I was ecstatic to come home to my boyfriend having made pasta with meatballs in tomato sauce for dinner. Sure, he was unhappy that I came home so late (he cooked everything an hour before I was ready to come home, so it had gotten cold), and sure the meatballs had been bought pre-made, but the thought of him rolling up his sleeves to boil the pasta and make up the sauce was touching. It also brought a smile to my face, thinking about him enthusiastically making the pasta sauce. Getting a man to enjoy the thought of cooking can be so tough sometimes! :)

According to him, the sauce was made using a jarred pasta sauce from Classico (tomato and basil flavor), to which he added fresh garlic, onions, and seasonings. He also sauteed the meatballs before letting them simmer with the sauce, and the flavor was wonderful because you could really taste the meatiness in the sauce. I always get kind of disappointed when sauces are made separately from the meat, and combined at the end. By cooking the meat with the sauce, the flavor of the ground beef really came out and heightened the taste of the tomato sauce. Just wonderful, over the perfectly al dente ziti.


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