In the frenzy that was this weekend, I managed to shop for interview attire (suit, shirts, shoes, the works…) and get a new haircut at the same time. I had been getting tired of my long flat hair which was reaching the middle of my back. Sure, there are lots of styling options for special occasions when you have long straight hair, but I wanted something fresh yet not over the top to kick off the arrival of fall.

In the past I've always gone to a particular hair salon for my haircut needs, and the barber always did an acceptable job in terms of me asking for layers. This time, at the insistence of my mom, I tried out a new hair salon. My request was not totally different, I simply asked for her to cut about 3 inches off the bottom, and to re-emphasize my layers. She told me she would add some face-framing angled layers, to which I was fine with. But she went an extra mile after washing and cutting my hair, because she was nice enough to style it for me with a curling iron and everything. She said she wanted to show me how I could make my hair look nice for a special occasion, and it really did look quite fabulous, with outward soft ringlets that were nicely defined with minimal hair gel. I sort of felt like a celebrity :)

It's been a few days since the cut, so I don't have any nice pictures of my styled hair, but I played with it a little to get some flippage at the bottom today. I love the way it feels, floating around my face instead of dragging me down. So here's to new hair!


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