Wednesday, May 23rd

10:00AM On the way to lab
1 Kashi TLC bar in peanut peanut butter. Last day of working in lab for a while. I'm going home for a week!

1:00PM Lab Lounge
1 Promax mini-bar. My lunch today is sad lol.

3:30PM Dorm Room
1/4 of a plain bagel with cream cheese, 1 French cruller, 1 apple.

6:00PM Commuter Rail on the way to see my family!
1 Promax mini-bar. These things really make you thirsty… I think it's the powdery texture of protein bars in general.

8:30PM Home Sweet Home (I'll be here for the next week or so, so until I write otherwise, all these entries will have the location as home)
Leftovers haha. My mom was gone for the night at a conference in Boston, so my Dad and I ate leftovers from whatever she cooked the previous night. To me it's all brand new anyway. I mish-mashed everything onto a plate, and it consisted of white rice, napa with crab meat, Chinese meatloaf, tofu with ground pork and black wood-ear fungus, broccoli, and some steamed salmon. Haha really weird combination and doesn't look that aesthetically pleasing, but it's homecooked and it's food, what else can I ask for? :)

1 strawberry mochi ice cream. These are little Asian treats that have been modified to suit American tastes with an ice cream center. The classic Japanese dessert of mochi is a ball of fresh glutinous rice flour that has been kneeded with water until it becomes a ball of sticky soft dough. It's often filled with red bean paste and enjoyed on special holidays in Japan. Nowadays you can get mochi ice cream at places like Trader Joe's. It's basically like a golf ball-sized ice cream bonbon with a coating of the mochi sticky rice dough, and the inside is just various flavors of ice cream. I particularly like the red bean flavor, but there's also mango, green tea, vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. This is the first time I tried a strawberry one (I happened to spot a box in the freezer haha), and I really like it! Heh these are good for dessert portion control :P


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