Thursday, May 24th

Breakfast at home… waking up late… man I'm lovin it haha. Unfortunately for me my family isn't big on breakfast, so we all end up fending for ourselves most of the time. Today I rummaged around in the pantry before deciding that I would at least try to eat somewhat healthy where I can lol. So I made myself a bowl of instant oatmeal (peaches and cream flavor) for breakfast and nibbled on a few cashews.

More of the same leftovers from last night. Yeah… I'm totally ready for new food lol.

Mom's home cooking. We had a nice salad of iceberg lettuce, baby carrots, tomatoes, and fat free croutons, with Vidalia vinaigrette dressing. My mom likes to make this salad quite a bit lol. But it's pretty refreshing, so I'm down with it.

We also had some steamed corn on the cob, duck liver sausage that my mom steamed on top of the rice in our ricecooker (the sausage flavor really infuses with the rice, it's amazing), more leftover napa with crabmeat, and… zucchini with mushrooms (MalieKai!!!) hahaha it's practically the same dish!

[   Alright, the saga continues on my quest to post my updates from home. I've been busy the past few days because I have been putting all my efforts into studying for my MCAT (I'm retaking it on May 31st). So forgive me as I try to recall what I've been eating, but look forward to some good pics :)  ]

Strawberries! My parents bought several boxes of strawberries from Sam's Club because they're in season right now. I had myself a bowl for dessert and they were amazing. Juicy and sweet, and soft to the bite, unlike those winter strawberries that are practically crunchy. I love summer fruit!


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