Tuesday, May 22nd

11:30AM Dorm Room
Leftover eggplant parm entree while cramming before my final at 1:30pm. Good to be taking an exam on a stomach full of yummy comfort food :)

6:30PM Baker Dining (My last meal here, awww…)
I was hoping that there would be some spectacular dish on my last day at Baker dining, but none of the featured entrees or desserts interested me. So I ended up getting a wrap with roast beef and grilled chicken, along with hummus and roasted vegetables, all wrapped up in a tomato wrap and toasted on a panini grill. I also got a bowl of seafood chowder to go with it. Yum. Baker makes really really good soups. Their seafood chowder was creamy and chock full of seafood. It also had a kick from the paprika that you usually don't taste in other chowders from Legal Seafood for example. But I really think Baker's chowder is every bit as good as a restaurant one, and it went so well with my wrap. Such a relaxing meal after my last final (which went well, I think).

Goodbye Baker dining, I'll miss you… I had so many good meals from there in the 4 years that I lived at Baker Hall, I can't even begin to tell you how many times having such great food in a dining hall downstairs saved me when I had stressful weeks. The staff at Baker are also really nice, and they take the time to make conversation with you when they are serving you. The people don't change too often, so they tend to recognize you and I have gotten so many "benefits" from them when they are serving me (okay, strictly in the food sense).

Jesse is an amazing stir fry cook who literally does 6 stir frys at a time when it gets hectic, and still manages to make everything taste so good. He also makes the soups and a big variety of stir fry sauces each day. Sometimes I'd ask for a sauce he didn't have and he would make it on the spot for me even though it took extra time and effort and he had to open new ingredients. Loretta used to serve food from the featured entrees area, but now she does mostly grill duty, along with Alberto (who I knew as "the Boston Red Sox guy" for the longest time b/c he always wears a Red Sox hat). Alberto always likes to hand out favors even though he could get in trouble, and whenever he saw that I was passing over starchy foods like rice and bread he would put on extra veggies and meat for me so I wouldn't go hungry. There is also Roland the Baker dining head chef, who designs the menu and dishes each night. He was nice enough to make me a wrap even though I went down to dining after they had closed the entrance (I slipped in through the exit area where you leave after you pay), and even offered me food from the leftover entrees that were going to be thrown out after closing time. There was also Perry, who was the cashier this year, and he was always curteous to all of us from the first day he started his job to the last day of the year. He always remembers me and he makes an effort to wish everyone a wonderful night. Once I thought this special dessert was all out and he went into the kitchen to look for more for me. It was just such a friendly atmosphere and I always looked forward to going down there for dinner. I really will miss this place.

10:00PM Baker EOTSB
Tonight was the Dunkin Donuts study break. People were all hovering around the boxes of donuts waiting to swoop down and grab the best kinds, and when they said we could start it was literally a feeding frenzy. I happened to be standing next to the Boston cream donuts when they let us start, so I grabbed one of those before it all disappeared. I also nabbed a French cruller and a butternut donut (yes, I'm greedy at study breaks…). I also poured myself a cup of hazelnut coffee because I was sleepy from not sleeping a lot last night. When I actually got back to the dorm I realized that I wasn't hungry enough to eat all those donuts, so I put them in the fridge and just had my coffee haha. I eventually ate the Boston cream donut later on at night. The details are blurry now that it's been like 5 days :P


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