Sunday, May 20th

2:00PM Dorm Room
Brunch food from Simmons brunch. Greg was there to make a killing with multiple trips, and he was kind enough to bring me some of the food so I had something to eat for lunch, yay! Okay, admittedly the food is terrible for you, but it tasted so good haha. He brought me 3 slices of spiral ham smeared with honey mustard, with a dill dip on the side, and 3 small squares of freshly baked corn bread. Yes, I overloaded on cancerous nitrates, but the ham was juicy and flavorful with the mustard and dill dip. The corn bread was just amazing too, it had a crunchy top and a moist fluffy interior, and it was not too sweet nor too bland. I think it complemented the ham quite well. It sure complemented my unhealthy lunch quite well anyway :P

6:30PM Baker Dining
I wasn't too hungry, but I ordered a stir fry entree with double veggies to try and compensate for my lunch. It had 2 bowls of assorted vegetables, including onions, mushrooms, broccoli, carrots, zucchini, sweet potatoes, red and green bell peppers, napa, water chestnuts, snow pea pods, and scallions (seriously I went all out this time haha). For protein I got tofu, and for starch I asked for rice noodles, all stir fried with chili garlic and oyster sauce. The stir fry cook didn't use quite enough sauce though, so everything was a bit bland (although I suppose I should be thankful for that). While I'm sure the food was insanely healthy, I wasn't actually hungry enough to eat much of it, so I had a few bites before setting it aside for later.

8:30PM Dorm Room
Snuck some bites of Greg's desser tfrom Baker dining: chocolate bomb. Baker occasionally makes warm homemade desserts that you can scoop out as much as you want onto a plate. The chocolate bomb is one of the best desserts, with a chocolatey devil's food cake layer on top and chocolate pudding on the bottom. I'm not sure how exactly they bake it, but they do, and it's a little bit like eating molten chocolate cake, but the pudding isn't overpoweringly sweet like melted chocolate, and the devil's food is light, so the cake overall tastes pretty delicate. Plus Greg topped it off very generously with homemade whipped cream… mmmm. Here's a picture that he took of the dessert:

12:30AM Dorm Room
Some more of my tofu with rice noodles stir fry. I still had 2/3 of the entree left, which I decided to save for lunch tomorrow.

3:00AM Dorm Room
1 sugar-free strawberry jello cup. I could hardly tell it was sugar-free! A pretty healthy snack, considering that it only has 10 calories (!!) I decided to take a picture of it while I was in the middle of eating it, and hey it looks kind of like a rose bloom doesn't it? Sorta?


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