Monday, May 21st

3:00PM On the Tech Shuttle, on my way back to my dorm
Yeah… I didn't have anything to eat for breakfast and I didn't have time to eat lunch until after I got out of lab and was starving my ass off. I ate the rest of my tofu stir fry leftovers, and damn was it satisfying haha. I like wolfed the whole thing down in 15 minutes because I was so hungry.

6:00PM Baker Dining
Eggplant parmesan with pasta and tomato sauce, and mixed veggies on the side. Also had a few garlic pita chips to go with it. Oh yum! I love Baker's eggplant parm, and they give you so much too! The eggplant is perfectly crispy on the outside and soft on the inside without being too wet like some eggplant parms can be. And with a sprinkling of fresh cut parmesan on top, I was so lovin it :) I ate half of it and saved the rest for lunch tomorrow. Yay for dorm dinners that double as lunch!

10:00PM Baker's End of the Term Study Breaks (EOTSB)
Every semester Baker hosts a full week of study breaks during finals week, feature donuts, ice cream, healthy food, junk food snacks, and Subway sandwiches, all on different days. Today's study break was Subway's, and I nabbed a piece of their turkey breast sub with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, mustard, and little bit of mayo. I also had a small cup of Mountain Dew with it, to help me stay awake while studying. The sub was really nothing to call home about, and I discarded a good deal of the bread. I think I was just stressed out and needed a distraction.


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