Thursday, May 17th – Last Day of Classes!!!

11:30AM Molecular Biology Lecture
1/4 of a chicken and broccoli calzone from a study break on Tuesday night. The calzone had some mozzarella and ricotta in it too, though I'm not too fond of ricotta cheese in general. It's that gritty texture, like a finer version of cottage cheese, so unappealing. Otherwise though, the calzone wasn't bad. The broccoli in it was sweet and crunchy, and the chicken, though dry, was seasoned. Initially I thought 1/4 of a calzone was too tiny for a meal, but after I ate it and sat in class for a while, I realized I wasn't hungry anymore. Nifty.

4:30PM Dorm Room
A few almonds as a snack.

6:15PM Baker Dining
Roasted turkey dinner!! Yay! Baker already has yummy turkey dinners (made from processed turkey), but today they went all out and had real roasted birds! I walked in and the lady goes, so you want turkey breast or a leg or something else? And me, being super exciting about having a whole bird to choose from, said I'd take dark meat. That translated into the server literally ripping off the entire drumstick and thigh from a turkey and dumping it in my box, along with stuffing, mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables, gravy, and cranberry sauce. It was so ginormous I couldn't even close my box! And boy was that turkey good. Not only was the dark meat incredibly moist and flavorful, the stuffing was also delicious, and the vegetables had that steamed spinach again which made me happy. I didn't eat much of the mashed potatoes, but the cranberry sauce went really well with the dinner, cutting through the meat and saltiness of everything else. I still have sooo much left over haha it'll make a great leftovers meal.

8:00PM Dorm Room
DESSERT! This is literally the most delicious creme brulee I have ever eaten. Oh wait, I've only had creme brulee once before and it was a mini-dessert at some formal, so it doesn't count. Oh my gosh this creme brulee was soooo luscious and smooth I loved every second of it! I didn't even care that the top wasn't crunchy, the whole dessert was perfect just the way it was. The top tasted like caramelized sugar, which reminded me a lot of dulce de leche (which it should, I suppose), and underneath was a velvety custard that melted in your mouth and had the perfect amount of creaminess and sweetness. The fact that it was cold from being in my refrigerator made it taste a lot like an airy ice cream. I am so in love with it, all I want is more! Seriously… this could be one of my new favorite desserts! Man French people really know how to make fantastic desserts, like the yummy ile flottante. Mmmmmmm I'm in heaven…


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