Tuesday, May 15th

11:45AM Molecular Biology Lecture
1/2 of yesterday's chicken stir fry, with 1/2 bowl of leftover roasted butternut squash and garlic soup. Yum. I forgot to mention that in the past 2 stir fries I've eaten they were brown rice-based. I chose them for that reason, I wanted to get in some healthy carbs and vegetables. I'm not an advocate of Atkins diets or anything that tends to cut out entire types of foods. I only minimized carb intake prior to senior ball to shed water weight fast, but that's a really bad way to eat in the long run. I still try to limit the amount of simple carbs I eat (refined sugar and flour), but I'm a firm believer of eating a variety of foods to stay healthy. So while I had a choice yesterday to get scrod with a side of corn, I picked the brown rice stir fry instead.

5:00PM Dorm Room
While waiting for Baker to offer dinner, I snacked on a small handful of roasted cashews. While I was doing so I started looking up the nutritional benefits of eating nuts, and they all seem to be really good for you, with cashews being the least fatty (albeit good fats) and caloric. I never knew this, I always thought the buttery taste of cashews meant that it had more fat content than almonds, but now that I know I feel much better eating them instead of my almonds haha :)

6:30PM Baker Dining
Went downstairs and realized that Baker was having their special sushi event, so I picked up a dragon roll for dinner and a Philly roll for tomorrow's lunch. The dragon roll, which I've gotten before, was pretty good. It's essentially a california roll with slices of unagi (bbq eel) on top, except this time there was no avocado in the roll, just crabmeat and cucumber. I didn't really mind, I really just get it because I love unagi. I didn't use any soy sauce with the sushi, partially because I forgot to grab any, but also because the soy sauce this company brings with them is the gross kind you get with Chinese takeout… basically pouches of salty water with caramel coloring. In any case, I don't need the extra sodium heh.

I considered grabbing another bowl of the butternut squash soup to go with my sushi, but I got distracted at the dessert station by small ramekins of creme brulee. Oh la la. Unfortunately, despite its luscious looking surface, it actually wasn't hard like newly flamed creme brulee should be. It was soft, which means either they forgot to sprinkle sugar on top before flaming, or it's leftovers from yesterday or something. I'm not quite sure, but since it already wasn't crispy on top, I just put it into my fridge to eat tomorrow. So you'll have to wait for that picture :P

8:45PM McCormick Dorm Penthouse
3/4 of an Ankara vanilla frozen yogurt with oreos blended in. We were having an election for next year's exec board of MAPS (MIT's Minority Association of Premedical Students), and only about 10 people showed up, so there was a lot of leftover frozen yogurt, unfortunately. But it was a pretty smooth election, since after talking things out (there were 7 running candidates and 8 open positions), we all worked out what positions we wanted and didn't even have to vote. So I am the new social chair for next year :) I'll have fun organizing events for the club, and you know I'll enjoy figuring out food for the events haha.


2 responses to “Tuesday, May 15th

  • jphu

    why does baker always have the best food? unagi? CREME BRULEE? i feel like i need to move there or something.

  • Lucy

    haha I love baker dining! I've always tried to get Tony to buy a meal plan to eat there but he's too lazy (gosh, student center food is gross and boring after like 3 days). Although, the fact that you have all-you-can-eat and lunch options at Wellesley is something that sounds pretty cool too heh.

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