Monday, May 14th

10:00AM On the way to lab
1 Kashi TLC (tasty little chewies) granola bar in "peanut peanut butter" flavor. Wow these granola bars are REALLY good! Way way better than the Special K ones I've been eating. I pinched this box from home, but now I really gotta stock up. Not only do they taste wholesome and filling, they're super good for you. No artificial ingredients, lots of protein and fiber, and is whole grain. I was definitely fuller eating this bar, and the taste was addictive, especially with the crunch of peanuts on top of the bar. I'll take a picture sometime when I'm not rushing somewhere and eating this :P

1:00PM Lab Lounge
Leftover 1/2 of my tofu stir fry from last night (about 2 cups), with 3 cups of water (24 oz).

6:30PM Baker Dining
1/2 entree of chicken stir fry with vegetables and teriyaki + sweet garlic sauce. I took a picture of this, then realized that it looks practically the same as the tofu stir fry, except with chicken lol. I wanted to get something different, but there weren't any other exciting options except a Reuben sandwich, which I like but isn't great for you. I did get a bowl of soup though, to go with my stir fry. It was roasted butternut squash and garlic soup, and it was SO good. I love the taste of butternut squash and roasted garlic, but together they made a perfect duo. The squash has a sweet nutty flavor that goes really well with the strong roasted garlic taste, and is balanced out by just the right amount of salt in the creamy soup. The creaminess doesn't come from excessive heavy cream, but rather from the pureed squash and garlic, kind of like the creaminess of split pea soup. Delicious! I had half a bowl, and I'm saving the rest for lunch tomorrow with the rest of the stir fry. Can't wait!

8:30PM Dorm Room
More cashews that I brought from home.


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