Friday, May 11th

11:00AM Mala's PhD Thesis Defense (Building 6)
Half a plain bagel from Dunkin' Donuts, with cream cheese. 6 oz of orange juice. I kind of forgot that we were going to have Whitehead's usual Friday Forum at 12:30, but when I remembered I stopped eating my bagel to save room for lunch.

12:20PM Whitehead Friday Forum
1 medium pasta shell filled with ricotta and topped with marinara sauce (it was like the size of half a fist). 1 coconut chocolate chip bar. 1 bottle of spring water (17.5 oz). The actual entree for the forum was a beef burrito, and I seriously hate burritos, so I went for the vegetarian option of stuffed shells, which also isn't all that exciting to me. But I guess it all worked out, since I wasn't very hungry after that half bagel earlier.

7:30PM Home Sweet Home
I went home for the weekend because my family wanted to celebrate my belated birthday with me, and it also happens to be Mother's Day weekend. I again suck lots for not taking food pictures :/

I think I nearly fainted from the glorious smell of home-cooked food when I first walked through the door of my house. Seriously haha. My mom made Shanghai-style glutinous rice ovals with pork and Shanghai bok choy stir fried with soy sauce (炒黏糕), steamed whole blue crab, steamed corn, and tossed iceberg lettuce salad with tomatoes and Vidalia onion vinaigrette dressing. Yum yum. I love my mom's rice oval dish, it's savory and slightly sweet, and the ovals are perfectly soft and chewy. And the crab were delicious. Blue crab is usually the most savory and delicate of the crabs, but the ones today were even better than the ones I had before. It had a saltiness like fresh ocean seafood should have, and it was so good that I didn't even need to dip my crab in any sauces. This is how good seafood should be! I had 3/4 of a glass of Khalua mixed with lots of milk, which is not alcoholic enough to do anything to me, but just flavorful enough that it feels like a special drink to go with a special dinner.

After dinner we had fresh papaya, one of my favorite tropical fruits. It's very refreshing and not too sweet, but also not tart at all. It's flesh is soft, unlike that of other popular melons, so it's kind of a melt-in-you-mouth fruit.

Birthday celebration time! Before I came home I took a trip to Japonaise and bought my beloved green tea macha cake and adzuki cream puffs for my family to eat. It's way expensive though, considering that buying 4 cake slices and 4 cream puffs cost $25. Still, I wanted my family to try the best, and they really loved them. It didn't matter to me that I didn't have a birthday cake, you'd still just end up cutting it into cake slices right :P So we each had a slice of green tea cake and I had half a cream puff, with a cup of green tea.

I got some great gifts from my family too, a purse from my mom, a laptop webcam from my dad, a jewelry box from my brother, and a pair of 1/2 carat diamond earrings from my family as a graduation gift. I loved all the gifts, but seriously omg at the earrings! My mom says that I'm all grown up now and they wanted to get me something big for a graduation gift (even though I won't graduate for another month lol). I adore these earrings! Diamond also happens to be my birthstone, not to mention that I love them because they have the most beautiful glitter I have ever seen. My boyfriend tells me that I'm like a fish because I like shiny things haha.


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