Wednesday, May 9th

10:00AM Lab Meeting
1 medium apple, 1 medium unripe banana (gross), 1 Promax mini-bar, 1 tiny mint fruit gummy from Trader Joe's. I'm super stressed out today because I'm getting my MCAT score at some point during the day. Watch as my eating progressively gets worse.

12:00PM Molecule Biology Recitation
1 plain bagel with cream cheese and smoked salmon (I took this from our lab meeting).

In the afternoon I found out that my MCAT score was terrible and that I have to retake it in 3 weeks. Yikes… freaking out now.

7:30PM Baker Dining
Roasted lamb entree with mixed vegetables and mashed potatoes, topped with gravy. I ate the lamb and vegetables, but only had a little bit of the mashed potatoes because I wasn't enjoying the texture too much today. The lamb was delicious though, roasted with rosemary and perfectly juicy.

And then… I gave in and got a dessert. I haven't gotten a dessert from baker dining in a while…. but I seriously needed some comfort food to just help make my day a little less miserable. So I got the white lightning cake, which I've gotten once before at the beginning of this blog lol. It's a three layered chocolate cake with butterscotch custard in the middle and buttercream frosting on the outside, decorated with white chocolate chips. I like the cake and the butterscotch, but I can't stand the buttercream frosting, so I always leave that behind. The cake is more delicious without it, I think. Ah… what a guilty pleasure…


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