Sunday, May 6th

2:45PM Baker BBQ Pits
1 hamburger with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, ketchup, and mustard. Small handful of Lay's bbq flavored chips. 1 cup of coke. Yay for getting free bbq the day after senior ball! You know I would have been too tired to do anything else.

It was such a beautiful day out, and the Walk for Hunger was happening along the Charles River next to my dorm. Such nice weather for a bbq. We meant to take a picture against the background of the river, but it somehow didn't come out right. Ah well, still a lovely spring day.

3:30PM Dorm Room
My boyfriend has been eyeing my Russell Stover chocolate egg for a long time now (I bought it last month right after Easter weekend when the candy was on sale), so we agreed to split it as a little snack. It's basically a small brownie covered with milk chocolate and shaped into a flat egg. It wasn't bad, but it was not quite as good as a piece of regular chocolate nor was it as good as a freshly baked brownie square.

7:30PM Simmons Dining
1 piece of broiled salmon (5 oz), steamed broccoli, and a tiny bit of mashed potatoes. The salmon was actually quite good, since the broiling helped seal in a lot of the juices of the salmon. I generally find grilled salmon to be too dry and I'm not fond of charred bits. The lacking aspect was flavor. The salmon filet had not been marinated, and was not brushed with any sauces during the broiling, so while it was "clean" seafood, it was a bit bland. I got a little bit of honey Dijon mustard to go with it, but Simmons makes such a poor honey Dijon it's funny. It basically tasted like honey. Which obviously didn't go well with the fish. The broccoli was also kind of gross (why won't I ever learn with Simmons dining?), and the mashed potatoes were terribly dry and powdery, hence why I left most of it untouched.

I also got a smoothie that was made with strawberries, blackberries, mango, yogurt, and orange juice. Unfortunately, Simmons botched it again and it was really bad. In fact it started separating really fast while I was still waiting to carry the drink back out of the dining area, and the juice part tasted watered down and sour. Bad! I ditched that smoothie after drinking maybe 1/4 of it. What a waste of time and money.

12:45AM Pacific Java Cafe at Simmons
Devil's food mini-bundt cake covered with chocolate and Heath bar candy pieces. This is literally a small piece of heaven. Pacific Java microwaves it for you to melt the chocolate and heat up the cake, which makes it even more dreamy. It reminds me of molten chocolate cake, except the melted chocolate is on the outside. The Heath bar pieces also give it a really nice toffee flavor and candy crunch. Seriously delicious and indulgent…


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