Relaxing songs from Olivia Ong

I've been quite taken by Olivia Ong's sultry voice and relaxing songs lately (many of which are jazz covers). So now I present them for you to enjoy while reading my Vox :) Enjoy!


3 responses to “Relaxing songs from Olivia Ong

  • MalieKai

    Neat that you can post a playlist…I want to learn how to do that!! Once you make your playlist at imeem, is it tricky to post it here?

  • Lucy

    It's actually really easy! I didn't even make the playlist myself, I searched for it by artist, but you can post anyone's playlist if you'd like. Basically for each song or playlist that you click on at imeem, there will be a box underneath that has some code in it that you can highlight and paste into your blog to embed it (it's labeled as such so you know what it is). When you post it on vox, make sure to press the "embed" button at the top, and you can then paste in your playlist code, save it, and see it in action. I think you MAY need to be a beta tester on vox to use the embed function (if you don't already see it when you go to compose), in which case you can just opt to be a beta tester, it's just a checkbox on your acct profile. Hope that helps!

  • MalieKai

    Thanks for all the info~~that's great! I'll have to try it out…I did take a look and the only thing I thought odd was that I can't make my own playlist from songs I have on CD (if I understand correctly). I do like how you can play more than one song though, unlike the single song postings I have on my blog so far. I wish that on vox, once you hit play on someone's song (or playlist), it would just play until it ended even if you left the page the song was on (I hope that makes sense). Maybe eventually they'll have something like that. Anyhow, thanks again!!

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