Sunday, April 29th

With one week left until my senior ball, I'm going to try my best to eat healthy this week and shed some water weight in the process to get rid of any excess bloating. I bought my dress already, though I ended up buying 3 of them and haven't chosen between them yet. I hope to look good no matter which one I pick, so I gotta rev up the shape up effort this week for sure. I will make an extra effort to work out and record it along with my eating choices. This week I will focus on minimizing my carb, salt, and sugar intake, while increasing water, fruit, and vegetable consumption. Wish me luck, because I sure need it!!! :)

12:00PM Dorm Room
Salad that I got on Friday as a side to the Sunset sandwich. It consisted of 4 raw cucumber slices, 3 jumbo cherry tomatoes, several pineapple chunks, 1 hard-boiled egg, and 1.5 tbsp of cottage cheese. Supplemented with 1 Promax mini-bar and 1/2 a bottle of Poland spring water (~8.5 oz). p.s. cottage cheese is nasty stuff, I can't understand how some people enjoy this stuff. The texture is gross, the flavor is weirdly salty and plasticky, and it's just gag-worthy in general.

7:30PM Baker Dining
1-1/3 cups of oriental curry chicken with a side of broccoli. I like Baker's rendition of Chinese curry, it's not a cream or roux-based curry like Indian and Japanese types. It is more of a broth-y curry, made with chicken broth and curry powder, and quite savory but not spicy. The chicken curry dish tonight had chicken breast pieces along with lots of vegetables such as onions, carrots, and zucchini. I thought it they all worked really well in the curry sauce, yum! I asked for no rice in the entree, and instead substituted with extra broccoli (1.5 cups). Meal eaten with 1.5 bottles of water (25.5 oz). Admittedly the curry probably has a good deal of salt, but it was better than any of the other options, which were vegetable lasagna and coconut fried shrimp with fries and cole slaw.

11:30PM Baker Gym
40 minutes of cardio on elliptical, 10 minutes of stretching, and 20 minutes of lifting weights (10 lb dumbbells). 1 bottle of water (17 oz). It's fantastic that Baker now has a nice TV in the room to keep you entertained. Really helped the 40 minutes of cardio fly by. I watched part of LOTR 1 and part of Signs.

1:00AM Dorm Room
1 small navel orange. Working out sure makes you hungry afterwards. Or maybe it's the smell of curry still lingering in my room from dinner haha.

2:30AM Dorm Room
5 roasted cashews. 1 bottle of water (17 oz).

Haha this blows, I just realized that this week Baker dining is serving some of my favorite guilty pleasures on their menu. What terrible timing! Not to mention that all the while my boyfriend is sitting in his room eating Chinese takeout and fancy desserts. He plans to come to Baker dining to eat the baby back ribs that are being served this week. *shakes fists*

Man, this drinking adequate amounts of water business is tough! I've already been putting in extra effort today, and my stomach is feeling that sloshy feeling you get when you drink a lot of water. But I've still only had 67 oz total, out of the recommended 73 oz if you don't do any exercise. If you exercise you're supposed to drink even more. This is going to be tougher than I thought lol. But it's no wonder then that most of us are always dehydrated.


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