Saturday, April 28th

11:00AM Dorm Room
1/2 entree of spaghetti and meat sauce (1 cup spaghetti pasta, 1/3 cup tomato meat sauce, parmesan cheese sprinkled on top), 1/2 cup of zucchini. I bought this entree from Baker dining last night since I knew I had to eat an early lunch today. I was going to volunteer for a whole afternoon at a hepatitis B and liver cancer run/walk here in Boston, called LIVERight. The spaghetti was pretty good, although the meat part of the meat sauce I thought was a bit too chunky, like chopped up meatballs. I would have preferred good old ground beef. The flavor wasn't bad though. But I was in a rush anyway so it didn't matter to me.

2:00PM LIVERight Run/walk at Artesani Park
1 Asian pear and 1 sample-sized Promax protein bar (cookies 'n cream flavored). Volunteered are allowed to eat the free food provided for the runners, so I grabbed a snack to eat while the runners were doing their thing. It was a beautiful day for a run, the only downside was that there were puddles at the park from yesterday's rain, so it was wet and muddy on the grass. Luckily the run took place on pavement.

The Promax protein bar sample was actually pretty good, I thought. It's not really cookies and cream flavored, more like chocolate flavored, with chocolate cookie bits mixed in, and covered with a white yogurt coating. Still, I liked it quite a bit. Granted, I don't have that much experience with protein bars, so I can't really say that it's the best brand ever, but from the ones I have tried, including Zone and Luna, I thought Promax had the best taste and texture. Sure, all protein bars will be a bit powdery and have some aftertaste, but this one had minimal aftertaste, and the powdery texture was offset by the crunchy cookie bits. The chocolate flavor also helped mask any unpleasantness. All in all, a fun bar to eat. I grabbed like 25 of these mini-bars (about 1/4 of the size of a real protein bar) after the event was over, since we had tons of leftovers. They'll be good for breakfast, lunch, and snacking. I also brought back some apples, oranges, and bananas. Yay for free fruit!

5:00PM Dorm Room
1 Promax mini-bar. Tired after a long 5 hours at LIVERight.

12:00AM Dorm Room – Late Dinner
Dumplings (6 regular sized ones and about 20 tiny ones… approx 11 regular sized in all). Yeah, didn't have anything else to eat in my room and I didn't feel like ordering out, so I boiled the last batch of dumplings I had in my freezer. I kind of had to mix and match haha.


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