Friday, April 27th

11:15AM Lab Lounge
10 oz of Odwalla Soymilk Chai (leftover from yesterday's bottle that I bought). It's a busy lab day today, so I had practically no time to eat anything all day.

4:00PM Lab Lounge
1 Bosc pear. Hungry!!!

7:30PM Baker Dining
1 Sunset sandwich (1 egg, 1 sausage patty, slice of cheddar cheese on a bun). Baker used to serve breakfast at dinnertime each night. For some reason they stopped doing it recently, but one of the menu items that they used to have was called the Sunrise sandwich, which was like what I ate except it had 2 sausage patties, and 2 eggs (damn!). The Sunset today was good though, pretty much hit the spot after a day of practically fasting. Unfortunately the grill guy overcooked my egg, since I prefer mine to have a runny yolk, but I guess overcooking it made it less messy to eat. I skipped the home fries side, and opted to grab a side salad instead that I'm saving for another time.

Also shared the remaining leftover duck soup (from Monday's peking duck meal) with my boyfriend. Mmmm so delicious! This last quart of soup was mostly pieces of duck skeleton, since when they packed it up they poured most of the soup into the first quart. But there was still some soup and it was still as tasty as ever. Lots of vermicelli, tofu, and napa strewn about in the soup too. Divine!

1:00AM Dorm Room
A few malted milk balls that I mooched off of my boyfriend. I love these things, I used to really like those "Whoppers" brand malted milk balls when I was little.

5:30AM Dorm Room
2 small slices of leftover watermelon from yesterday's BBQ.

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