Wednesday, April 25th

10:00AM Lab Meeting
1 Trader Joe's plain bagel with 1.5 tbsp of smoked salmon flavored cream cheese. Thirsty as hell because when I got to lab meeting there we no cups left to drink orange juice with.

2:00PM Lab Lounge
1/2 toasted plain bagel with regular cream cheese. 6 oz of Trader Joe's orange juice. Wah, they ran out of all the leftover lab meeting food before I could get to it for a late lunch. All I found was half of a toasted bagel that was already cold and hardening, still sitting all alone in the toaster. Haha so sad. But it beats going out to buy more lunch.

6:00PM Baker Dining
Turkey and chicken wrap: tomato tortilla wrap, sun dried tomato spread, roast turkey and chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, zucchini, mushrooms, onions. Toasted on a grinder toaster. Yum, I love the toasted crispy tortilla shell and the warm richness of roasted vegetables (there's something jarring about eating raw vegetables that I do not have an appreciation for… perhaps it is because I grew up eating Chinese cuisine, which uses almost no raw vegetables). I also really enjoy the fact that Baker offers the roasted turkey meat instead of the popular turkey ham that you see in supermarkets. I hate the overly salty, rubbery texture of turkey ham. It's not what turkey should be at all, unless you're using it as a healthy alternative to regular ham or something.

8:00PM Dorm Room
1 pack of Koala's March crackers with chestnut filling. Oops, still no picture of this elusive cracker :P


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