Tuesday, April 24th

12:00PM Building 4 Cafe
1 box of salmon avocado sushi (12 half-sized pieces).

8:30PM Dorm Room
Leftover peking duck in mushu pancake wraps (2 wraps), and shared 1 quart of duck soup with my boyfriend. Mmm the soup was even tastier the second day, presumably because the flavor of the duck had more time to be drawn into the soup.

12:30AM Dorm Room
A few sips of a shaken taro bubble tea drink. I got ice from Baker dining, and was determined to make a cold shaken bubble tea from this big bag of taro bubble tea mix I bought a long time ago. I was even going to make it in this new metal shaker I got this year. Unfortunately the drink mix refused to dissolve properly, no matter what I did with it. Even when the water was heated to nearly boiling, the mix still wouldn't dissolve, which made for a rather nasty mouth feel. My only conclusion is that the taro root powder in the mix doesn't dissolve in water (since the only other ingredients are sugar and milk powder). It's too bad too, since using authentic taro root powder should have been a highlight of this mix, but instead it turned into a drink mixer's nightmare. Oh well… it was fun for a little bit I guess.


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