Saturday, April 21st

11:20AM Dorm Room
1 red delicious apple. I had a meeting to go to in Harvard Square at noon, so I was in a rush and ate an apple for “breakfast”. It wasn’t bad, except it takes me a long time to eat apples. I don’t know why haha. Sometimes apples even make my mouth and throat tingle, kind of like a fruit allergy. I heard you can get that if there are certain types of fruit you don’t eat often. Yup…

2:30PM Dorm Room
Back from meeting. I ate my leftover pad thai with roast pork that I brought back from the galleria yesterday.

7:45PM Baker Spring Formal
Baker spring formal isn’t really a formal… it’s more of a semi-formal event where people dress up a little and enjoy a catered meal with free champagne and wine in our decorated dining hall. This year I went with my friend and we got a chance to catch up, which was nice. The food was mostly Italian. I had 3 medium sized meatballs (I know, isn’t that random? It didn’t have pasta to go with it), and 3 chicken wings. Some random bites of mixed greens. One white chocolate with macadamia nuts cookie. One glass of Chardonay champagne. The entree part was pretty weird huh. Just meatballs and chicken wings. The only other option was baked manicotti, which I despise. Shells stuffed with ricotta cheese and bathed in marinara sauce really just isn’t my thing. Oh well, even though the food wasn’t that exciting, it was free at least, and I had fun hanging out with my friend Vicki.




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