Friday, April 20th

8:30AM Dorm Room – Getting Ready for Lab
1 packet of Quaker instant oatmeal, cinnamon roll flavored, prepared with water. I haven't had oatmeal in a while. I used to eat it every morning before work about two summers ago. Must have gotten sick of it that way. I had to go into work early this morning, so I thought I would try and fill up more during breakfast.

3:30PM Cambridgeside Galleria Foodcourt – Thai Accent
1/3 entree of pad thai with roast pork. I had surprisingly little appetite after having starved all afternoon, since there was no Friday Forum to get free food from today. Maybe it's like how sometimes you get so hungry that you feel nauseous so you just can't eat a lot. But it was tasty at least. I always get the pad thai with roast pork whenever I eat at the galleria's foodcourt. Mostly because the other stuff, like Taco Bell and BK don't interest me at all.

9:00PM Vinny T's in Copley Square
A few pieces of thin Focaccia bread smeared with fresh roasted garlic, 1/2 entree of pollo alla fiorentina (penne with spinach, red peppers, chicken breast, in a light cream sauce with pecorino romano), and part of a chocolate bomba for dessert ("dense chocolate genoise with layers of rich mousse, hazelnuts and shaved white chocolate with creme Anglaise.")

Mmmm what a yummy dinner. I love Vinny T's bread with roasted garlic. It's so much more vibrant than other restaurants with their rolls and butter. Very comfort-food-like, though a little bit messy to eat. Don't ever go to Vinny T's unless you are comfortable with the both of you smelling like garlic all night. Greg and I polished off practically one whole head of roasted garlic, haha.

The chicken pasta entree was pretty good too. I especially loved the taste of the fresh, tender spinach in the pasta. I have always loved spinach, but only when it is freshly blanched. If I ever order this dish again, I'm sure I will try and ask for extra spinach in it.

And finally, the chocolate bomba dessert. It was super rich, which was a bit much for me after having pasta for dinner. I originally wanted tiramisu, but my boyfriend wasn't feeling it. The chocolate bomba was a slice of cake that had a layer of chocolate cake on the bottom, and the top 2/3 was a layer of chocolate mousse that was almost fudge-like. It was sprinkled with roasted hazelnuts (yum!), and sitting in a little pool of creme Anglaise, which is a vanilla-flavored custard sauce. It was really good, but just hard to eat very much of, since it was so rich. I'll put up a picture of it later when I get it off of Greg's cell phone.

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