Wednesday, April 18th

10:00AM Lab Meeting
The usual plain bagel from Au Bon Pain, with 2 tbsp cream cheese and 4 oz. of Tropicana orange juice with extra pulp (gross… I hate pulpy juice). Kept falling asleep during the lab meeting, I'm so bad.

4:00PM Dorm Room
1 pack of Special K vanilla flavored snack bites. These are quite yummy when you're hungry and bored. They are super crunchy (or as they like to call it, "lightly textured, crunchy multi-grain snack").

5:45PM Baker Dining
Calzone with sausage, peppers, onions, and mozzerella, dipped in marinara sauce. 1/2 cup of zucchini and squash. A quick dinner fix before I had to give a presentation at an awards ceremony for an award I received for a research project. I started freaking out about 30 minutes before the presentation because um, that's when I started to prepare my talk. Yeah… hahaha. Actually when I got there, I realized that they had catered from Boston Market for this event. Doh!!!

7:30PM MIT Vannevar Bush Room – Johnson & Johnson Research Award Ceremony
1/2 a gourmet chocolate chip cookie from Boston Market. I didn't want to go in there and not touch any of the catered food while everyone else was eating a big meal to my left and right. So I grabbed a bottle of water and a cookie. Then I realized that eating a chocolate chip cookie could result in very embarrassing chocolate smears on my lips and teeth and face if I wasn't careful, since I was presenting last at the ceremony. I made like a super big effort to wipe my mouth like a zillion times hahaha.

11:30PM Dorm Room
1 pack of  Koala's March crackers with chestnut filling. Haha these are… very tasty, but also artificial. The filling has no resemblance to the flavor of chestnuts, and I should know, because I am a chestnut paste fanatic. But they somehow made the filling artificially unidentifiable enough that it just tastes good. Can't describe it! Also forgot to take a picture of the crackers themselves, so I just took a pic of the packaging for now. Next time I'll try to remember :D


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