Thursday, April 19th

10:40AM Dorm Room – Getting Ready for Mol. Bio Exam
I almost can't remember what I ate anymore, because I literally had 10 minutes to eat, get washed up, get dressed, and run out the door to my 11am exam. But looking at the wrapper on my desk, I'm pretty confident that I ate a strawberry flavored Special K cereal bar, and ate few cashew nuts. Yeah… don't skimp on sleep before an exam…

1:30PM Stata Center Booth
1 box of salmon avocado sushi. Haven't had this stuff for a while. At some point in my life at MIT this was a staple lunch item that I ate literally 4 or 5 times a week. Man! While I had lunch I was manning a booth at Stata to sell Asian candies as a fundraiser for a 5k run/walk event in 2 weeks. Nobody bought anything because they were too expensive :( Even I wouldn't have paid $2 for a little bag of candies.

7:00PM Baker Dining
1 slice of gourmet sauage, peppers, and onions pizza. 1/3 slice of gourmet turkey with broccoli pizza. I meant to eat both slices and save the turkey one for last because I like it better. But I got full more quickly than I expected, so I actually didn't get to eat much of the turkey pizza.

Also got a side salad to go with the pizza. Filled mine up with some lettuce, croutons, and then mostly cherry tomatoes and mandarin oranges. Mmm yum. I love pairing mandarin oranges with salads.

And… last but not least! Today's special was a "Jazzberry Jam" smoothie from Baker dining's rotating smoothie bar. It has blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and juice. Very refreshing and good for you… can we say phytochemicals? Oh and I just love what a beautiful red color this smoothie has.

Alright… time to get back to my business. Enjoy the photos!


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