Sunday, April 15th

1:30PM Greg's Room
1 bagel with cream cheese and smoked salmon (the one that I got at the brunch yesterday but saved for today). I had to microwave the bagel even though it had cream cheese on it (a fridge-cold bagel just isn't my thing), but I got smart and separated out the salmon so it wouldn't get "cooked". When I put it all back together, I had a toasty warm bagel with cold salmon, just the way it was meant to be. Mmm. (Sorry my picture is icky, I totally forgot until I was done eating, so I took a picture of the last few bites my boyfriend had left haha and even then it came out bad because the lighting was poor).

6:30PM Greg's Room
Bits of leftover stuff in Greg's fridge… which consisted of 1/8 of a ham & brie panini from Pacific Java, and 1/3 of a slice of vanilla bean cheesecake. Haha I'm big on eating leftovers to conserve food and money. It was quite good actually, since they're not MY leftovers, so to me it was a brand new meal experience! :P

9:30PM Greg's Room
Leftover beef stroganoff entree that I got from Baker dining on um… Wednesday. I know, I know, it's like ancient now, but I didn't want it to go waste! There wasn't a whole lot of food left from it, but it wasn't bad for being nearly 5 days old…

12:00AM Greg's Room
1 叉烧包 (cha shao bao, a.k.a roast pork bun) from Chinatown, and a few sips of a mug of hot chocolate that I made for Greg. Haha all day has been leftovers and more leftovers! Nibbles of random things here and there, what a weird day. Oh well, at least I didn't have to go through the trouble of ordering out.


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