Monday, April 16th

12:30PM Greg's Room
2 slices of Papa John's pizza that I got from the Baker pizza & ice cream social on Saturday (whee leftovers!). One slice of sausage, one slice of Hawaiian. I think the uh, pineapple on that pizza was the most significant source of fruit I've had all weekend… how sad!

7:30PM Greg's Room
Leftover part of calzone from takeout on Friday night, with marinara sauce. What a lazy long weekend… leftovers and relaxation and most importantly, no work done! Too bad my boyfriend was in lab every day until past 11pm :(

12:45AM Greg's Room
Leftover King To pork chops with some rice and canned chili. lol at least chili is really good for you…

3:30AM Greg's Room
1/2 mug of hot chocolate, with 5 Teddy grahams.

One week until my 22nd birthday! Wow I feel old… I want to stay 21… :P


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