Thursday, April 12th

11:00AM Molecular Biology Lecture
1/2 entree of beef stroganoff that I bought from Baker dining last night (beef stroganoff on egg noodles, with mixed steamed vegetables on side). I wonder what the other classmates in class think whenever I bring in something from dining for lunch the next day haha. Everyone else is eating sandwiches, muffins, cereal bars, and the boxes of sushi that our school sells. I come in and open my tupperware with beef stroganoff, grilled salmon, stir fry, champagne chicken haha. I love it! :P

8:00PM Baker Dining
Tokyo beef entree (beef marinated in Asian sauce and grilled, served with caramelized onions and napa cabbage in a pita wrap). The beef was actually really savory. It didn't taste beefy like steak or sauteed beef in stir fry. The marinade gave it a really distinctive flavor, and it was served with a sauce that tasted like teriyaki and hoisin sauce. Mmmm.

12:00AM Dorm Room
1 Russell Stover coconut cream egg covered with milk chocolate. Haha leftover Easter candy on sale is so hard to resist. Thank god I only bought 2 of these egg things total.


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