Saturday, April 14th

1:00PM Simmons Housemasters' Brunch
1 buttermilk pancake with syrup, slice of honey spiral ham, 1 oz of smoked salmon, small handful of baby carrot sticks. 1 glass of freshly blended fruit smoothie. The housemasters at Simmons always have the best brunches. They make fresh pancakes, french toast, and eggs on portable griddles. And there's always smoked salmon and spiral ham, as well as random other yummies like coffee cake, quiche, vegetables, bagels, yogurt, cereal, crackers & cheese. The housemaster himself is always manning the smoothie station making his famous smoothie recipe, with fresh fruits, juices, and yogurt. Greg and I like to bring our own cups so that we can get more smoothie than with the tiny plastic cups they provide :) Today I also grabbed a bagel with cream cheese and smoked salmon, to save for another meal heh.

6:30PM Chinatown – Big Fish Restaurant
Family dinner for 4, shared with Greg, Tony, and Jacqueline. We got a savory egg drop soup with corn and fish maw to start. The entrees in the dinner-for-4 package included clams in black bean sauce, sauteed broccoli, beef with scallions and onions in a sizzling bowl, and King To pork chops (京都排骨), which is a favorite in my family. They food came with rice too, of course. The dishes were all really tasty, although the broccoli was cut too big for me to grab comfortably with my chopsticks. I kind of dropped a piece all over the tablecloth before I was able to get it into my bowl haha. We got some bowls of red bean soup for dessert, but I only ate some of it because it was a bit too sweet. I um, forgot to take pictures of the meal, as usual, because I always get too excited when I'm eating out or at a special event. I tried to take a picture of the left over pork chops, but failed miserably because the I was unable to hold the camera steady enough at the wobbly table with everyone leaning on it and eating on it. Sorry :P

But here is a picture of Greg and I at Big Fish to compensate for lack of food pictures hehe:

9:30PM Baker Pizza & Ice Cream Social
Friendly's ice cream (pistachio, fudge swirl, and cookies n' cream flavors). Mmm I needed some dessert… I also grabbed 2 slices of pizza for a meal tomorrow or something. Can't pass up on free food especially on a long weekend when the dining halls are closed!


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