Tuesday, April 3rd

11:00AM Molecular Biology Lecture
2 cups of beef stir fry with brown rice from last night (440 calories). Definitely even drier that last night, due to being in the fridge, but watcha gonna do?

6:30PM Baker Dorm Dining
1/2 entree of chicken saltimbocca: 3.5 oz chicken (250 calories), 1.5 cups linguine (300 calories), 1/2 cup green beans (20 calories), and 1/3 cup of corn (50 calories). Chicken saltimbocca is an Italian dish and it's usually eaten without the pasta. The chicken is dredged in some seasoned flour and sauteed until cooked, before topping with mozzarella and prosciutto. Baker dining's version had no prosciutto, instead there were some small pieces of ham sprinkled on top of the melted cheese, along with mushrooms. It comes with a mushroom wine sauce that I thought was pretty good, not too thick and not heavy on the mushroom flavor. The chicken itself was juicy, and the flavor from the cheese and the wine sauce gave it a perfect saltiness that didn't need anything else. I'm looking forward to eating the rest of this entree for another meal :)

12:00AM Dorm Room – Midnight Refreshment
1 cup of hot chocolate (Nestle fat free with calcium, 25 calories).

1:30AM Dorm Room – doing biomechanics pset that I don't understand…
Rest of the leftover salmon salad, with no crackers (2 oz., 85 calories). This whole business of not understanding my homework and thus not having time to study for mcats this week is not sitting well with me. Grrrr….

3:15AM Dorm Room
2 oreos (100 calories). I know, I know…

Total for today is 1270. The actual count is a little bit higher, because I know that there was butter tossed into the linguine to keep it from sticking, but I don't know how much. Tomorrow is going to be a total splurge day, I already know it. I have lab meeting tomorrow  (read: bagels, cream cheese, juice), and then it just so happens that Baker dining is having baby back ribs for dinner… they only do it once or twice a semester, so I can't pass it up :P Mmm!


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