So I'm sitting in the student lounge taking a break between lectures, and this group of people are sitting across the room from me. A guy friend of theirs comes in carrying a chicken teriyaki entree from our student cafeteria, and one of the girls shrieks, "Oh my god chicken teriyaki! I can't eat that because I'm on a diet."

The guy goes, "what's wrong with chicken teriyaki?"

Girl: "It's fried don't you know? It's really bad for you" (This is where it catches my attention, because we all know that chicken teriyaki isn't fried…)

Guy: "Really? Oh… well I got white rice instead of fried rice at least"

Girl: "Oh that's good!"

Whatever kind of diet this poor girl is adhering to, it sure sounds like she's a bit confused and restricting herself from food that is fine to eat. As I'm typing this, she's now harping on how terrible hamburgers are.


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