Sunday, April 1st

3:30PM Dorm Room
1.3 cups of drunken noodles (300 calories). Done with all my Thai food! It's a good thing there's no more, because the drunken noodles today were a bit chewier than I would have liked them, probably because they've been in the fridge for a few days now.

7:15PM Baker Dorm Dining (Yay!)
Roasted maple pork loin with orange marmalade glaze (8 oz pork loin, ~450 calories), 3/4 cup of corn (125 calories), and 1.5 cups of broccoli (80 calories). Wow I sure missed Baker dining's fresh food. Their roasted pork today was really tender, pretty much melted in your mouth. I especially enjoyed the maple and cinnamon crust on the outer surface, which the light orange glaze complemented quite well. I was lucky enough to be there right when they were cutting the end piece of the loin, so I got that piece, which has the most maple flavoring of all! Mmmm :) And it feels good to be eating lots of vegetables again. (The pictures look better when they're bigger, don't you think?)

1:40AM Dorm Room
Salmon salad on 5 bagel crisps (185 calories). Small handful of milk chocolate chips (~15 chips, 40 calories).

Total for today is 1180.


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