Saturday, March 31st

Unfortunately not a whole lot to say, considering that today is going to be an entire day of leftovers…

3:00PM Dorm Room – Woke Up Late
1.3 cups of duck pad see ew (350 calories).

6:30PM Dorm Room – Studying MCAT stuff
1 cup of black milk tea (30 calories). I poured a bit more milk powder today by accident. Still tasted just about the same.

9:00PM Dorm Room – Late-ish Dinner
2 cups of chicken pad thai (450 calories).

1:30AM Dorm Room – Still Studying Hard
1.3 cups of chicken pad thai + pad see ew (300 calories). Well that's it for the pad thai and the pad see ew. There's still 1/2 an entree of drunken noodles that I'm saving for lunch tomorrow. That's 5 meals out of my little takeout session hahaha. Not a bad deal, but not dirt cheap either ($25 total). But um, that's definitely enough Thai food for a while…

4:30AM Dorm Room
1 Asian pear (100 calories). I like it when I can end the day with a fruit. Makes me feel like I'm overcoming the urge to munch on junk food late at night.

Total for today comes out to 1230. I'm excited for tomorrow, because Baker dining will finally open again. Yay! No more takeout and unhealthy food! Plus I get save money too.

No food pictures today… so I present you with the books that I'm buried in these days. Mmmm exciting isn't it. Yeah that's what I thought too.


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