Friday, March 30th

I decided to give my blog a little overhaul, since it's spring and I was getting tired of my pink and purple background. So I went with something more pleasing to the eye, enjoy :)

Haha so for my next several meals you will see lots and lots of… Thai food. I ordered out from Bo Thai (isn't this the cutest name), but the minimum for delivery is $15, so I ended up ordering THREE entrees, all for myself. So um… yeah there will be lots of Thai food to eat. But the good news is that I love the dishes and I never seem to get sick of Thai food, seriously. Whenever I talk about ordering out, it's probably the first cuisine that comes to mind. Maybe because it's always refreshing to eat, and doesn't get sickeningly greasy and meaty like Chinese or Italian takeout.

1:00PM Dorm Room – Bo Thai Takeout
1/2 entree of pad see ew with duck (1.3 cup, hard to pin down a nutritional value since it has duck in it, but I'm going to err on the high side and estimate it to be about 350 calories). I had pad see ew for the first time in February, at a Thai place called Chili Duck (one of my favorite places in Boston). I totally fell in love with it! It is made with wide ride noodles (like Chinese 河粉), and they are sauteed with broccoli, carrots, onions, some egg, and a type of meat, along with a sweet soy sauce. I've said this so many times already, but I love savory foods that are sweet-ish. So yes, love this stuff!. (The little bits you see in the picture are chopped up scrambled egg, one of the best parts of this dish because it soaks up the flavors from the sauce so well!)

5:15PM Dorm Room
1 cup of black milk tea (20 calories). It's starting to taste better to me heh, I'm getting the hang of it! Though, I'm not too fond of my nonfat powdered milk. Maybe because the expiration date was in 2005 (though I thought these things could last forever), maybe because it's Shaw's brand, but it sure has a funny flavor to it that makes me wonder about it. I once tried to make hot chocolate with it, since the cocoa called for milk instead of water, and boy did it come out gross. The bitterness of the tea probably hides the nastiness of this powdered milk. I think I should invest in a better box sometime :)

6:30PM Dorm Room – More Thai Food!
1/3 entree of pad thai with chicken (1.3 cup, 250 calories). Mmmm I love pad thai. The flavoring from the tamarind and the fish sauce really brings out this sweet and sour flavor in it that I haven't had in any other types of dishes. Oh and I adore bean sprouts, of which there are many in this dish :D The pad thai from Bo Thai isn't greasy at all, which is great too. The only complaint that I have about it is that the chicken could use a little more flavoring, and could be more tender too. I realize it's just chicken breast, and that the noodles take center stage here, but I like my protein to be savory too. But oh, a yummy pad thai topped with crushed peanuts makes my day anyday.

10:30PM Dorm Room – Still More Thai…
1/2 entree of drunken noodles with beef (1.3 cup, ~300 calories). This Thai business is very tasty… but not very heavy on calories. Which is generally a good thing, but it means that I get hungry sooner, so I have to eat more often. Oh well, eating more is better than eating just once and getting too many calories right :P I've gotten the Bo Thai drunken noodles a few times before, and it's always been pretty good, with the exception that I'm a wimp so it's always too spicy for me to handle. By the time I'm done eating it, my tongue feels shooting needles of pain when I simply touch it, so it gets to be kind of miserable. Today I remembered to ask them to make it milder for me, so yay my tongue doesn't have to fall off! Drunken noodles are kind of similar to the pad see ew, in that they both use the wide flat rice noodles and have the bits of scrambled eggs in it, but because of the sauce, it's a completely different flavor experience. It also has bell peppers instead of broccoli. Yum! (p.s. don't be an idiot like me and rub your eyes when you have drunken noodle chili oil on your fingers…ow…)

3:15AM Dorm Room – A Little Relaxation
1/2 of a ruby red grapefruit with a little sprinkling of sugar on top (50 calories). Just 1.5 more grapefruits to go haha. Not sure what else I should eat tonight though. I am still quite a bit short on calories, because my estimates come out to just shy of 1000 so far. I don't know what to do! I definitely have the appetite to eat more stuff, but I'm not particularly hungry. I don't know if I just estimated my numbers to be too small, or if I actually haven't consumed enough today. I worry that if I purposely eat another 200 calories worth of food I might be sabotaging myself if my calculations weren't quite right, but I also worry that I'm sabotaging myself anyway by eating too little (and thus slowing down my metabolism too quickly). I sure wish I had an accurate gauge as to how much I was eating every day.

4:45AM Dorm Room – Late Night Appetizers…
Salmon salad on garlic bagel crisps (5 crisps, 100 calories, 2 oz of salmon, 60 calories, 1 tbsp of low fat mayo, 25 calories). I got desperate to find something that is not terrible for you but still tasty and will help me meet about 1200 calories for today. The answer? My ridiculous stash of canned food from freshman year. I have never eaten canned salmon before, so I decided to open a can from Trader Joe's that I've had forever. To my disappointment, it smelled and looked pretty much identical to canned tuna. Not too much excitement to be had there. So I was like well if I'm gonna use this canned salmon, I'm gonna make it taste damned good! I pretty much did it by eyeballing and tasting as I went along, but here is an approx recipe:

Salmon Salad Recipe (Vaguely)
1 can of salmon (6 oz.)
3 tbsp of low fat mayo
1/2 teaspoon of sugar
1/2 teaspoon of Parmesan cheese (I used grated parmesan and romano)
1 condiment packet's worth of mustard
generous sprinkling of black pepper
(Optional) Japanese rice seasoning

Mix well and spread on roasted garlic flavored bagel crisps. Top with Japanese rice seasoning (nori fumi furikake – consisting of sesame seeds, salt, sugar, and dried seaweed). Makes 3 servings of what I ate, listed above.

I found that the mustard and parmesan cheese gave the salmon salad a distinct flavor from your everyday tuna salad. It was richer from the parmesan, and bolder from the mustard. I really enjoyed it on the bagel chips, especially along with the rice seasoning. The original purpose of that was to give it a little garnish and some texture variation, but the flavor of the seaweed and the extra salt & sugar really fit well with the seafood theme of the salad. Though now that I think of it… does anyone ever make salmon salad??? I've never heard of it before. Anyway, today totals happily to about 1150. Yum!


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