Tuesday, March 27th

12:30PM Dorm Room
Leftover 1/2 of tilapia almondine entree (from last Thursday… ~390 calories). I figured I'd eat it so it didn't go to waste. The funny thing was, I actually really enjoyed it as a little variety from the takeout lately.

9:30PM Dorm Room
Leftover Chinese takeout from yesterday: 2 cups of white rice (350 calories), 5 oz. lobster sauce (175 calories), 6 oz. sesame chicken (350 calories). It was tasty, but I'm ingesting too much sodium from it, since I get really thirsty afterwards.

Not too much to talk about today, and no new pictures, sorry! Tomorrow I'm going to a friend's house for a Korean meatfest, so that ought to be a fun change of pace. In any case, I'm planning to go to bed early tonight and wake up early tomorrow, so that should be it for today's intake… totaling about 1275 calories. The dinner was late, so I shouldn't get hungry again before I sleep, whew.


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