Monday, March 26th

3:30PM Dorm Room – Leftovers for a Late Lunch (I need stop waking up so late)
3/4 cup of leftover Rice-a-roni (230 calories), 1.25 oz. canned tuna (40 calories), 1 oreo (50 calories). Rice-a-roni tastes pretty bad as leftovers (even when you make it on a stove at home). For some reason the moisture evaporates and leaves the rice seeming undercooked. I was also kind of sick of the rice flavor by this afternoon, and I ended up giving a good deal of my portion to Greg haha. Having oreos around is kind of being detrimental to my eating habits, because when it's there I just want to have some, especially after a meal of salty stuff. Ack.

6:45PM Dorm Room – Early Dinner / Snack
Remaining 1/2 of the chicken salad sandwich from yesterday (220 calories). I think Greg and I are going to order out again for dinner (sigh, wish we had more options). Maybe we'll get Chinese today. Anyway, the 1/2 sandwich is for keeping me from starving to death until we order lol.

8:20PM Dorm Room – Quan's Kitchen Takeout
White rice (2 cups, 400 calories), 5 oz. lobster sauce (175 calories), 6 oz. sesame chicken (350 calories). Yum. I haven't had Quan's lobster sauce in a long time. It's a thick sauce with ground pork, eggs, and Chinese black beans in it, plus lots of corn starch and some soy sauce for flavoring and consistency. Very cheap (1 quart costs $6.50, and lasts more or less 6 meals if you are eating by yourself), but you are mostly eating sauce anyway lol. We were originally going to order Quan's grilled lemongrass chicken, which is very fragrant. But they had run out of it, so I had to make a spur of the moment decision to switch to sesame chicken, which is really different. In the end though, the two entrees balanced each other out quite well, since the lobster sauce is salty, and the sesame chicken is sweet. In the picture, the lobster sauce is piled on the rice on the left, and the sesame chicken, adorned with sesame seeds, is on the right.

4:30AM Dorm Room
5 oreos (250 calories), 1 Viactiv vitamin. Ugh, I blame it on my stress from studying for MCATs. Took a practice exam today and didn't do spendidly. With the test coming up in less than 2 weeks I really don't have time to not be doing well anymore… Well, I guess being up late again doesn't help, since I get hungry late at night. Blah. No oreos for me tomorrow. Seriously. I would totally just throw it out altogether if it wasn't for the fact that my boyfriend would complain. Man…

Total for today is about 1715. Really cutting it too close. This whole business of having no access to healthy food and being stressed out at the same time is doing wonders for me.


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