Saturday, March 24th

7:00PM Greg's Room – Blackjack Pasta Bar Takeout
1/2 entree of whole wheat fusilli with carbonara sauce (1.5 cups pasta with sauce, ~ 600 calories), piece of garlic bread ~2.5 oz., 200 calories). I didn't realize this before, but whole wheat pasta has a much stronger taste than regular pasta. It's like sort of nutty I guess. It went okay with the carbonara sauce, which was not too creamy or overpowering. In fact I had to add a little salt to it. Fusilli is kind of a cool pasta type, because it's so easy to eat. No twirling your fork and splattering sauce all over the place, no eating huge bites at a time becuase you can't just pick up a strand or two of pasta. It was easy to eat slowly by forking a piece of fusilli at a time, and that helped me not overeat the food (and that way I didn't have to feel way too full after eating it too quickly). Quite good, this stuff is.

8:00PM Greg's Room – Dessert from Blackjack Pasta Bar
1/2 coconut shell filled with coconut flavored Italian gelato (~1.5 cups, 300 calories). Mmmm!!!!! Haha I was super surprised to see it arrive in such a cute little package. They import these from Italy it seems. I was also not expecting gelato, as the menu said coconut ice cream. So it was a pleasant little dessert surprise. Gelato is pretty different from regular ice cream. It's so creamy and smooth that you can't even taste ice crystals in it. I like ice crystals in my ice cream though, so it's not like I like gelato better than ice cream. But it's still a delectable dessert that wasn't too sweet or heavy. Wikipedia describes it as "Italian ice cream made from milk and sugar, combined with other flavorings. The gelato ingredients are super-cooled while stirring to break up ice crystals as they form."

2:00AM Greg's Room
2 oreos (100 calories). Taken from outside Tatertot's room hahaha…

2:45AM Greg's Room – Second Meal of the Day
2 cups of rice with 2/3 can of dace (800 calories). Oh god, total cheat day. Total is 2000…. Okay, gotta eat a lot less tomorrow… :/


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