Friday, March 23rd

Sorry… a little too tired to explain things today. I still haven't gotten any sleep since the 45 minutes that I got earlier this morning. Just can't think straight anymore…

12:20PM Whitehead Friday Forum
3/4 cup of pasta in balsamic vinegar sauce (150 calories), 3 oz. chicken breast cooked with figs (120 calories), 1 lemon square (2.5"x2.5"x0.5", ~ 200 calories).

6:30PM Greg's Room
1 slice of Bertucci's ham and onion pizza (120 calories). Obtained free from Simmons front desk. Eaten while waiting for thai takeout to arrive. Very hungry.

8:00PM Greg's Room
1 entree of pad woon sen with beef from Bo Thai restaurant: "Stir-fried crystal noodles in house sauce with egg, baby corn, tomatoes, onions, cabbage, snow peas and scallions". Entree had about 3 oz. of beef in the noodles (650 calories)..

1:45AM Greg's Room, Watching TV
6 chocolatey chip Teddy Grahams (30 calories).

3:30AM Greg's Room, After Watching Il Mare (Korean version of the Lake House)
small handful of roasted cashews (80 calories). Real sleepy now…

Total for today is about 1350.


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