Tuesday, March 20th

11:00AM Molecular Biology Lecture
Leftover stirfry from last night (470 calories). Yum! Except I kept dropping my noodles onto my notebook, so my pages have some greasy looking stains on them haha. I forgot to pack a snack for later in the afternoon, but I was so busy running around in lab and from class to class that I didn't even have time to think about being hungry.

6:00PM Baker Dorm Dining – Sushi Night!
A variety of sushi pieces: 1 tuna nigiri (45 calories), 3 pcs of dragon roll (270 calories), 1 pc of futomaki with shrimp tempura (100 calories), 1 pc california roll with shrimp on top (75 calories), 1 pc california roll with yellowtail on top (90 calories).   I sure love it when Baker has sushi night. They invite Boston's Sea to You sushi company to come and make us sushi, and we get it at a

half price discount. It's made fresh on the spot, and tastes great. They don't have many fancy rolls, but I like getting their dragon rolls, since I'm a sucker for unagi (eel). I saved half of the leftover sushi in the fridge for lunch or something tomorrow, but I'm not sure how well this stuff keeps. Now, pretty pictures! As you can probably tell, I'm kind of big on presentation when it comes to food. Sometimes I will purposely take the food out of the styrofoam boxes we get them in and put it on plates, because it just looks so much more delectable that way. Sushi is kind of an art form, so it gets extra attention from me :)

8:00PM Dorm Room
1/3 of the imperial torte (~100 calories). Hehe because this torte is much lighter than the previous chocolate mousse torte, it kind of disappears really fast. I don't get to nibble on it little by little. Have to exercise self control lol. At least I avoided the Baker faculty reception today. These receptions have a ton of free h'or douvres and I remember last semester I went and got stuff like mozzerella sticks, mini quiches, spinach and artichoke dip with pita chips, and assorted pastry items. Definitely wasn't going to subject myself to that today haha, I'm super stressed out because I have a really hard exam tomorrow. Knowing me I would have gone in there and hoarded food for the long night ahead. I'll have to eat more stuff later tonight though, just not quite sure what yet.

1:00AM Dorm Room, Studying for Exam
3 pcs of dragon roll sushi (250 calories), 1 mug of Good Earth Chai tea (vanilla flavored, with 1 tsp of honey, 20 calories). Was getting hungry, and what's easier than popping a few pieces of sushi into your mouth haha. The tea is pretty bland, as most teas are I suppose. I was just drinking it for the caffeine so I can stay awake. I was distressed when I noticed that all of the tea packets in my room were caffeine-free (I am into staying off caffeine whenever possible), and I think this random chai tea packet I took from a study break is the only one that had caffeine. Back to studying then…

Total today is 1420.


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