Saturday, March 17th (Happy St. Paddy’s Day)

3:45PM Boyfriend's Place, Just Woke Up
1 handful of roasted unsalted cashews (20 nuts, 150 calories). I was really hungry since I hadn't eaten anything since 9pm last night, but my boyfriend didn't want to get up and grab food with me at the cafe downstairs. So I resorted to eating some cashews to curb the hunger a little. They were pretty good. I've loved cashews since I was a little girl, to the point where people would bring me gifts of gourmet cashews instead of other things haha. They're crunchy but also kind of buttery, which is different from peanuts or almonds, and I like that.

4:30PM Pacific Java Cafe
1/2 a chicken pesto panini (roasted chicken, tomatoes, swiss cheese, pesto sauce, on sourdough bread ~ 300 calories). The nuts from earlier filled me up a good deal, so I only ate half of the panini. I'm saving the rest for later, not as a dinner probably but to keep me from getting too hungry and eating too much during dinner (which will probably be late). It was pretty tasty though, and didn't need any extra condiments like the paninis from Pacific Java usually do. I resisted getting any of their special desserts, even though I haven't eaten there in over 3 weeks, and their heath bar mini-bundt is amazing. Figured I should go easy today :)

8:30PM Boyfriend's Room
Rest of the chicken pesto panini ( ~300 calories). Yum. Probably going to eat some of my boyfriend's leftovers in his fridge for dinner later on.

12:00AM Boyfriend's Room
1 cup of beef with tomato and eggs ( ~300 calories), 3 pieces of bean curd with ground shrimp ( ~200 calories), and 1 cup of white rice (200 calories) from Quan's Kitchen. Haha told you dinner would be late. Yeah, decided to ditch the leftovers in favor of fresh food. I love beef with tomato and eggs, my mom used to make tomato and eggs all the time because it was one of my favorite dishes as a child. With beef, the dish tastes exactly the same, except there's some pieces of beef thrown in. While the tomato makes the dish tart, the sauce itself when eaten with the beef and egg is sweet-ish, which I've mentioned I like. The bean curd was okay, though the texture was kind of funny and I couldn't taste any of the ground shrimp.

2:15AM Boyfriend's Room
5 chocolatey chip flavored Teddy Grahams (25 calories). Just a little something to satisfy a craving for sweets. They're so cute too!

Total for today is about 1450 calories. Back on track :)


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