Friday, March 16th

9:30AM Dorm Room, Getting Ready for Lab
6 oz. Dannon Light and Fit yogurt (60 calories) and 0.5 oz. lightly salted almonds (80 calories). Hopefully it'll keep me from going hungry before the Friday Forum at noon. I don't really have time to eat anything else this morning (very tired, didn't sleep much last night at all).

12:30PM Whitehead Friday Forum
1/2 piece of spinach sausage lasagna (~250 calories), 1/2 square of eggplant parmesan (~250 calories), 1/2 of a 6" chocolate cookie with white chocolate chips (~300 calories). The lunch was tasty, though I fell asleep towards the end of the seminar. I didn't mean to splurge, but lasagna and parmesan and cookies are the types of things that are all calorie-packed, so it was either that or eat not enough to be full. I'll try to eat a better dinner though.

9:00PM At Boyfriend's Place
Ginger duck rice plate from Aneka Rasa: "Pieces of duck (bone and skin on) simmered in low heat in preserved bean curd sauce with scallion & ginger served with white rice." Also a red bean milkshake. Yeah, I just screwed myself over for today hahaha. Plus it being Malaysian cuisine I can't really find nutrition info on it. Although, the rice plate had very little actual duck, and the milkshake had a ton of red beans… that's good for you, right? Haha okay, today will be the day that I cheated :P


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