Wednesday, March 14th

10:00AM Lab Meeting at Whitehead
Okay here goes the morning splurge… 1 asiago cheese bagel from Au Bon Pain (360 calories), 2 tbsp of whipped cream cheese (60 calories), 1.5 oz. of smoked salmon (50 calories), and 8 oz. of orange/mango juice (120 calories). This is the first time I tried the cheese bagel from ABP, and it is soooo good! (and so bad for you!) The cheese flavor is nice and savory, making the bagel taste so much better than its normal condensed bread self. And it was a treat for someone to bring in smoked salmon for everyone, so I put some of that on half my bagel. Delicious!

1:00PM Graduate Biomechanics Class
Caffeine free Diet Coke.

3:30PM Stata Center Cafeteria
1 box of tuna avocado sushi (~ 325 calories). Okay, I suck, I didn't make breakfast last through lunch. Usually after my biomechanics class I have to go straight to my lab to do more research until dinnertime, so I don't have time to stop and eat anything. But today I didn't have to go to lab, so I was running errands on campus, and I got pretty hungry in the process. But eating lunch isn't a bad thing I guess, this way I won't be overeating at dinnertime.

7:15PM Baker Dorm Dining
1 cup of baked chicken broccoli and ziti (~ 250 calories) and 1/2 cup of green beans (20 calories). This was half of my original entree, because I'm saving the other half for lunch tomorrow (otherwise I won't have time to stop for lunch at all), plus with my late "lunch" I wasn't that hungry at dinnertime. I also split it in half because I figured I needed to eat less for dinner, although after I looked up the nutrition it turns out it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Good, this leaves room for uh… dessert later :)

1:30AM Dorm Room
1/4 of leftover chocolate mousse torte (~ 100 calories). Haha almost done with the torte! Just 1/4 left for tomorrow night!

3:30AM Dorm Room, Taking a Break from Homework
1/2 a ruby red grapefruit (40 calories). Gotta eat my fruit before they start going bad! Plus I was getting hungry again, so it's a healthy snack. I just wish the grapefruit that we get here in Massachusetts was more sweet. I've heard that the fresh grapefruit in the south and out west are really sweet, not at all tart like the ones here. Ah, but we've got fresh lobsters and maple syrup haha! Anyway, I saved the rest in a ziplock for another day…

Total comes to about 1350 today. I hope this careful eating is going to have some effect by the time our senior ball comes around haha. It's hard work, but I feel good about it :)


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