Tuesday, March 13th

11:45AM Dorm Room, Getting Ready for Lab
Open faced tuna salad sandwich: 1 piece of Sourdough bread (175 calories) with 2 oz. of canned tuna (70 calories) and 1 tbsp of low fat mayo (25 calories). I was kind of in a rush since I was originally planning to eat the bread with some canned soup, only to find some suspicious floating yellow blobs in the can, even after opening two different cans. So I threw together the tuna and mayo at the last minute and ate it on the bread with some water. Not all that exciting, and my stomach was grumbling during my class at 4pm. Oh well. I'm sure you'll see me eating the tuna salad with other things since I don't want the rest of it to go bad.

4:30PM Dorm Room, After Classes
1 mug of Swiss Miss hot chocolate with mini marshmallows (120 calories). I just wanted something quick and easy to hold me over until Baker dining opens at 5:30pm. Unfortunately I diluted the hot chocolate mix with far too much water and it had very little richness. Oh well, you screw up and you learn.

6:15PM Baker Dorm Dining
6 oz. grilled chicken breast teriyaki with salsa (250 calories), 1.5 cups of mixed rice (whole grain texmati brown rice, red rice, pearl barley, and rye berries, 320 calories), and 1 cup of summer zucchini (30 calories). Haha it's kind of scary how "healthy" this entree is. The chicken was actually really tasty, moist despite being grilled, and flavorful from the sauce. The rice was well… healthy. I mean it's chewy like brown rice, except with even more texturey bits. Being Chinese, I grew up eating soft white rice, so I'm not as fond of drier, chewier types of rice (although long grained rice is good).

The zucchini was fine, I'm not too picky about vegetables. What did surprise me though, while I was writing this entry, is how different vegetable nutrition can be. 1 cup of zucchini has a mere 30 calories, that's practically nothing even though it has a ton of vitamins and minerals that are good for you. On the other hand, 1 cup of corn has nearly 180 calories, with much fewer nutrients in it. They say all vegetables are good for you, which is undoubtedly true, but it's also good to know some of the differences when you're making a choice. Anyway, along with the picture of the entire dish I also included a closeup of the rice to show you all the various things in it. I threw scallions on top for fun :)

8:45PM Dorm Room, About to Start Writing a Paper
1/4 of yesterday's chocolate mousse torte (~ 100 calories), followed by 1 Viactiv vitamin. Yum!

3:45AM Late Night Snack
4 oz. of tuna with 2 tbsp of low fat mayo (190 calories), and 0.5 oz of pork sung, also known as "rou song" 肉松 (65 calories). Needed something to eat, but wasn't in the mood for anything sweet or citrusy (I had taken out a grapefruit to warm up to room temp, but I just didn't want to dive into a big sour fruit haha). Anyway, the tuna and pork sung were pretty satisfying, and they go surprisingly well together! I'd take a picture of the pork sung for your enjoyment but it's late and I want to go to bed soon (it's 4:30am as I'm typing this). Maybe next time eh?

Total for today was about 1350. Doing good! Tomorrow morning when I go in to lab there's going to be the weekly lab meeting where breakfast is provided. I usually end up splurging on it a little because there's only so many food options and oh cause it's free haha, but it ends up being my breakfast plus lunch too, so it works out. You'll hear back from me tomorrow about that. Good night!


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