Saturday, March 10th

3:15PM Dorm Room, Watching Daybreak
~ 30 mini chinese dumplings (450 calories). I love these cute little dumplings, I always grab a bag of frozen ones when I'm at a Chinese supermarket. They're about the size of the first segment of your thumb, so I always call them thumbnail dumplings. But in actuality, I've discovered that they're popularly called "pearl dumplings" or "zhen zhu shui jiao" (珍珠水饺) in Chinese. It's a nice name don't you think? I think 3 of these mini ones equal one of the larger traditional dumplings. But anyway, this was a late lunch, since I regularly wake up late on the weekends. I shared about 3/4 of a frozen bag's worth with my boyfriend, using my trusty ricecooker to boil them so that I wouldn't have to leave the room. Yum! I like to dip mine in some hoisin sauce, and my boyfriend likes to make a little emulsion of soy sauce and sesame oil for his.

8:00PM Dorm Room, MCAT Studying
1 snack size bag of Popsecret 100 Calorie Pop Kettle Corn (100 calories). I generally dislike popcorn because it tends to get stuck in my teeth and my throat, and the monotony of the butter flavor fails to excite me. However, kettle corn is an entirely different beast, with a subtle butter flavor accentuated with sugar. These cute little snack size bags are an easy snack and really good for you. Popcorn has a good deal of fiber, with relatively few calories. The kettle corn is especially good because there is less butter and the sugar happens to be Splenda, which doesn't taste very fake at all. I needed something to fill me up while I wait for my boyfriend to finish his work at his lab so we can order out for dinner. I think it won't be until 10 or 11, so it'll be a while.

10:45PM Dorm Room, Watching Daybreak
1/2 of mushroom ravioli and grilled chicken breast in mushroom cream sauce entree from Blackjack Pasta Bar (5 raviolis and 3 oz. of chicken, 560 calories). Also 1 piece of garlic bread (~ 2.5 oz, 200 calories). My boyfriend and I decided to try out this new restaurant that started offering online ordering through They specialize in freshly made pasta, and you can customize your dish with type of pasta, sauce, meat, and other toppings. My ravioli and chicken dish cost $10, and it was really tasty! The mushroom flavor wasn't too strong and neither was the cream. The chicken was a little dry, but that's to be expected of grilled chicken breast. In any case, I'll have another meal out of this dish tomorrow, so it's a great deal. My boyfriend was very pleased with his veal parmesan and spaghetti, since it had real (unprocessed) veal in it, and he says the marinara was just right (price tag only $9.75!) So I'm sure we'll be ordering from there again sometime. Yum! (Sorry my picture looks kind of gross, it was hard to show how tasty it looked. The little bits everywhere are mushroom bits in the sauce.)

Total for today is about 1300 calories. Pretty good, considering that I ordered out. I think it really helped to plan out ahead of time that I wanted to save half of my mushroom ravioli entree. It was also really helpful that I could physically count the number of raviolis I was eating, so I could stop halfway without overestimating.


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